Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happiness? Priceless

I'm happy, because:

My boss listened to one of my concern regarding the business and took action accordingly; I like being taken seriously, I'm not just a pretty face you know?

My dear brother was giving up hope of coming to France for Christmas; but I found a solution and Hope is restored that they can make it afterall.
I received a progress report from my little sponsored kid, Jonas, and he is doing very well; and it delights me, that my little help has given him so much more; he is doing very well at school and looks very well too. The only other picture I had of him, he looked... tired and angry; look at him now! He likes football, dancing and gospel music; sounds like mighty fine hobbies to me. And he drew a truck for me. Awwww! I'm smitten.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A summer routine

Going along the slow and lazy flow of summer, enjoying every moment of sunshine and stillness.

I've gone to Goodwood Horse Racing Festival. I've finally got to wear the dress I had bought for Nadine's wedding, that I did not get to go to, I looked beautiful and I got complemented by everyone, which was sweet. Although i did not win at the races, I had a lovely day, lots better than last year, it must have been the ladies, I get along very well with customers Heena, Liz (to my left) and Brian and I got to meet Anna (to my right here) who was great fun.

I read one the best books in a long time; the House at Riverton by Kate Morton, already a Best Seller. I love these books where the story teller isn't necessarily the main character, but everything around her is the story, the people, the place, the economy, the country, the history, love, drama, death and happiness. I only ever found another book of this magnitude, Empress Orchid by Anchee Min; if you can recommend any other please do.

I watched again Lost in Translation, I never tire of this film. I truly love it, I think it is because I can very much rely to it. At different stages of my life, I have found myself quite lost in translation. I do not mean literally, but just like in the movie, lonely, curious but shy, without friends, communication breakdown, insecure in love and life... And this time, I discovered a great song by Jesus and Mary Chain, Just Like Honey.
My baby went to Berlin while I was away on business trips; he had three great days discovering the war torn German Capital.

He met Knut the Bear at the Berlin Zoo, both famous because he was rescued from his mother who tried to kill him as a cub, but also because Bear is the symbol of Berlin. Here the teenager is taking a nap. Discover Berlin through my baby's eyes.
Summer finaly came in August, so last weekend we made the best of the first gorgeous weekend of the summer by having a picnic at Hampton Court gardens with Seow Ling and Nils. I was very excited to use my French basket for the first time (other than for decoration), I made tomato salad, taboule, Ham and salad and Salami and Coleslaw sandwiches, and Seow Ling was in charge of the dessert with fruits and brownies, she also brought a pasta salad in case we'd be missing, but we weren't...
The three of them took a nap after the heavy lunch, while I was reading the wonderful book The House at Riverton.
We had a perfect blue sky and I completed my book while getting a discreet tan. It was an absolutely perfect day, and I was humming the song of the same title by Lou Reed on the way home...

The rest of the month including Nicki's birthday lunch party, anther perfect day by the river in London; followed by a night out with Alex, where before going to watch transformers, we played bowling and a Time Crisis kind of game at the arcade below the cinema.

I went to a tea party at Nadine's where I put my foot in my mouth teasing her friend Bridget. See, Bridget got engaged, but she was upset because her engagement was not exactly what she expected, because her fiance James did not give her the ring and told her to fly back to South Africa on his air miles because it is cheaper to buy a diamond there. As far as I am concerned this is awesome, so I teased her about being upset, but I guess it was sensitive topic and I feel bad about it cos there was no harm intended. I took my first golf lesson and now I suck more than before the lesson, so lots and lots more practice is in order. There was a rumor going around the office that I may be pregnant, but I've set them straight before finding myself wishing that I was... huh?!

I caught up with my cousins Nicolas and Emilie about their new life as parents with awesome little Antoine; as well as with Chloe who seems to have put her life on hold in Limoges, she doesn't like it and waits to move back to Saintes to continue living; which is a shame, because experience taught me that the more you wait for something the less it happens, I told her so, I hope she will move on in Limoges, then Saintes will come around.

I spoke to my lovely boy Jacques who was 7 yesterday, he is very eloquent now and I am darn proud of him, he also enjoys conversing which new to me. Miss them all very much and I am simply looking forward to my holiday in France to meet Antoine and for Christmas to spend it with all my family.