Sunday, June 14, 2009

Signing off ... x

As you can guess, being a mommy is a full time job and keeping up on the blogsphere is nearly impossible, my ISP does not let me upload videos, keeps restarting every 5 minutes.
For the blogsphere friends, Gabrielle (Byelle for short) is growing quickly, not just in size but personnality and character. She's had a tooth that disappeared three weeks later, she had her first cold last week, we've been on a train and a boat and underground and london cabs a few times when getting her passport from the French Embassy (you read the funny experience from my mom's blog), we've been to Hampton Court 5 times and the British Museum and the Tate Modern (Gallery of modern art) and most of all, we've been socialising with her little girlfriends and moms. Just last night she started talking non-stop, she is a very soft spoken baby that's until she can't sleep at night and then it's a different pitch. She can also seat up, she sleeps on her tummy and rolls over from front to back when she wakes up, she rarely cries, she smiles a lot, she wants to stand up all the time so we bought her a jumparoo, in which she can stand and jump to her heart's content. She's beautiful, she's adorable and there are no words to say how much I love her.

I'm sorry I'm not visiting your blogs any longer or keeping you posted. I hope you're all doing well. I leave more news on facebook if you're there, do befriend me and you'll get to see lots more photos and videos.

I started this blog exactly 3 years ago, I had just moved to the UK to live the life I always dreamt of, a adventure, make fabulous friends, see my favorite rock stars play live, see West End plays, have a career, make money, travel to all the beautiful cities around Europe I wanted to discover. I've done all that, and although there is still much more to do, right now, my life is as great as it will ever be... as a mom, she's my everything, my world and everyday is a fun filled, love-filled adventure, it's perfect and it keeps getting better.

.... love x