Saturday, January 26, 2008


Our Kick-Off Meeting this year was in Madrid. I had more fun than last year in Vienna, I guess it is because this time I knew to expect lots of drinking and very short nights, so I was very good throughout, but I did not let the lack of alcohol prevent me from having good hearted silly fun on Friday night.
The hotel bar was a popular meeting point and we spend most evenings in the hotel bar, drinking mojitos made by our favorite barman, Javier. The bill for the team on the Wednesday night came up to USD5500, in our defence, the German team was drinking whisky at 60 dollar a glass! So it was not the mojitos.... (Here from L to R: Nikolai (who replaced Klaus in the Nordic), Alison, Ron, Manny, Torsten and Carrina).

On Thursday night, we had a very tasty tapas dinner in una taverna that has stood here for the last 400 years and that was a hostel for travellers. The main course was a whole leg of lamb, delicious. Followed by dancing the night away in a popular night club. Here from L to R: Alison, Carrina, Me, Estelle (from French office) and Karmelita (new marketing for the Eastern European Market based in German office). On Friday, after the meetings we took a tour of Madrid by night, unfortunately all monuments pictures came out dark. Here Simon (UK product manager), Peter, Martin (German Office - IT), Nick and Martin (who had a bad back and walked funny for 4 days) in front of the royal palace.

The dinner on Friday night was wonderful fun seating with the Italian team (above Matteo, Massimiliano and Marco) The famous Spanish red wine (Riojo) was flowing and these sexy Italian men were a feast for the eyes. Beth, Emma and I were overwhelmed with their attention and silly games. Here from left to right: Mauro (the Italian GM), Seda (Sales for Turkey and Greece), Matteo, Massimiliano, Emma (EUMEA secretary) and you all recognise Beth by now.

The gala dinner on Saturday night was hosted at the very luxurious hotel we stayed at, I am slighty disappointed that we did not have flamenco dancers for our entertainment, but we had a famous flamengo guitarist. (Here with my SA girls Dani and Alison).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've got some updates coming soon, but I am travelling all the time and find myself sleeping the evenings away when I'm home... I leave you with a few photos of Toledo, Spain before the big Kick-Off meeting (party) pictures in Madrid. Catch up with you lots this weekend. XXX
The cathedrale of Toledo both in Roman and Gothic styles
One of the four doors of the cathedrale
Toledo over the river Tuja. The city incorporates architectural influences of Christianity, Juadism and Islam. We also visited the Alcazar and a Synagogue. Toledo is famous for its steel and there was numerous shops selling knives, swords and even armors.

Lunch was fabulous, in a gorgeous setting and we were served Paella, followed by caramel ice cream. yummy.