Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've got some updates coming soon, but I am travelling all the time and find myself sleeping the evenings away when I'm home... I leave you with a few photos of Toledo, Spain before the big Kick-Off meeting (party) pictures in Madrid. Catch up with you lots this weekend. XXX
The cathedrale of Toledo both in Roman and Gothic styles
One of the four doors of the cathedrale
Toledo over the river Tuja. The city incorporates architectural influences of Christianity, Juadism and Islam. We also visited the Alcazar and a Synagogue. Toledo is famous for its steel and there was numerous shops selling knives, swords and even armors.

Lunch was fabulous, in a gorgeous setting and we were served Paella, followed by caramel ice cream. yummy.


tweetey30 said...

That sounds so wonderful. I love seeing your holidays or your work through your photo's. Its amazing really.

tweetey30 said...
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tshsmom said...

Thanks for sharing!
I have been working in the same building, and seeing the same faces for 27 years. Viewing your work experiences is a real treat!