Friday, March 30, 2007

V is for...

I have a new blogfriend... That's cool, I like new friends, who visit my page and leave friendly comments, and can't wait to visit their page and in turn leave comments... that's the philosophy of the blogsphere. However... here, V does not have a profile, nor does he have a picture, nor does he have a blog link, all that mystery is intriguing...

V is... short for Victor, I like that name for two reasons:
1) It is one-letter short of Victory, that's a nice word
2) I like the movie Victor/Victoria starring Julie Andrews

V is... a cool letter to look up in a dictionary
Lots of nice words start with V, on top of my head, it's also Valiant, Value, Virtue, Vivacity, Verocious, Vow, Vitality, Vocation, Vacation, Venerable, Vodka (oops).

V is... for Venice
On the top 10 of loveliest city in the world, it is build on water and has got lots of canal and bridges and churches and old architecture. I went there with mom, dad and Julien long before I thought it was romantic, but have no doubt it is a romantic city.

V is... for Visitors
Remember that 80's show with aliens that looked human and the women were literally man eaters?

Actually, all I could figure out is that he must be British (Maybe my neighbour?), and must be 81 years old, (lovely grandpa age, not my neighbour) and was in the Royal Navy for 24.5 years (that's how I figured British, but he could be Australian as they serve the Queen as well) and has a UN medal (Now that's cool, I need to get the tattoo).

V when you come back, don't be shy and let yourself be known.

Antoine is Born

It's a Boy!!!

Antoine is a lovely baby boy, 2.975 kilos, 49cm, no photo yet but the Dad says he looks perfect and very cute. He was born minutes after my last post at 22h20 on the 28th of March. Awaiting pictures impatiently... Mom is fine, very tired, suffered a lot during the 6 hours of contractions but had a quick delivery. They're all coming home on Monday and Mamie Ese is driving down tomorrow to see her third great-grandson.

I sent them a hamper, usually - like for my nephews birth and friends' babies I buy something for the baby, but here I thought there'd be plenty of presents for the baby, so I bought something for the happy parents, a bottle of Champagne Moet & Chandon, some Belgium chocolates, therapy bath foam and body lotions, and a Benjamin Rabbit soft toy for Antoine.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Good Luck and Be Brave Emilie

This is Emilie, she is the lovelst girl I know and she is my cousin's girlfriend. Nicolas is a few years younger than Julien and I but having spent a few years of our childhood on the same street, we grew up like one big happy family.
Well, tonight Emilie has been admitted to the clinique as her contractions started and Antoine (that's the baby in the tummy) is expected impatiently!!!
So all the best to my dear cousin in her labour... I hope to see some pictures very soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

taking a blog break

I have - obviously - not been updating this page. I had a very boring week and I am also feeling very tired, that 7-hour sleep does not cover up.

I have been very busy at work and forcing myself on to the treadmill after work - litterally dragging my two lazy feet. Anyway, when I do get home - late - I just want to hit the sofa and not think or do anything. I could not even cook myself dinner on Thursday when Alex was out. I am expecting next week to be equally tiring and uneventful.

Stay tuned for - hopefully more interesting and energetic posts. Ciao!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Why I became La Cremiere

Okay, the mermaid inspired it with her whipped cream. It sparked something in my head, that was just waiting to come to life.

I mean, me? wrestling in whipped cream? me? with two girls? in whipped cream? I'm not getting too far here... Wrestling + girls + whipped cream, that's something out of a frat house, that only happens in teenage american movies or funny 'Old School'. I would never... would I? Well it seems that maybe I would after all. I think I've changed in the last year and I don't know everything about the new me - it's work in progress between being a teenager and a woman (yes, I'm a late bloomer).

It was the whipped cream. It's like me and my life. Take milk, an ordinary basic produce, the simplest thing, and turn it into something delectable, enjoyable, a bit more chic! That's how I see myself and how I try to live my life, just like whipped cream.

La cremiere means the milk maid, but I think the French word sounds sexier by a mile. Furthermore, it was one of my earlier posts, one of my favorite painting is Veemer's milk maid. So there plenty of reasons to become La cremiere.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Meme for Dad

... I quite enjoy those 'meme' that go around. Yesterday I was at the races with my colleagues as it is my Boss' hobby we do a corporate hospitality programme and all get to go on the last day, once a year. (I'll post the details and photos later), so anyway, my manager got drunk and said some mean things. It's not new to me, he always does that, he gets 'emotionally' abusive when he drinks, and he insulted my relationship with my dad. I know this is the result of him having a bad relationship with his son (I can imagine why). So I don't want to take it personally, but I don't have the greatest relationship with dad, so I thought I'll list 10 things why I love dad.

1) My dad taught me dedication. He spend 25 years in the same job. He never took advantage of the business. He always tried to improve and grow within the business

2) My dad did protect me. I was quite independant and brave and looked after myself, but whenever we travelled, especially in India, he would stay up to make sure that no one kidnaps me, or hurts us.

3) My dad's idea of being a good father is to provide us comfort, give us what we need and if possible, what we want and give us an education, he did all that exceedingly well, so technically he's a as perfect as his idea ofd fatherhood is.

4) My dad - I reckon - did not really know how to interact with me. He would chat with Julien all the time, but I don't remember having many conversations with him until I was 19. That's the time he had some things to teach me, like managing my money, interacting with bosses and colleagues, seeing through a project or job and achieving targets.

5) My dad played jigsaw puzzles with me when I was in my transition between child and teenager. I loved those, I did the difficult ones, 2000 pieces jigsaws of catles in the bavarian forest (Germany). He was working in a different town and so only came home on weekends and he would take off his shoes and run upstairs to my room to do the jigsaw with me till dinner. That's my favorite quality time I eve had with dad.

6) My dad taught me loyalty, commitment, seriousness, out smarting smart arses in the office who play politics. (That one is fairly useful, although I am not as clever as I'd need).

7) My dad is fun, just not so much with me, but I see him with my mom and brother and his friends, and I do see a funny man. He enjoys life, golf, beer, good food, in French I'd say 'bon-vivant', I think it's cool.

8) My dad has dreams. I like to listen to his dreams, about where they could live, which house, what renovation they could/would/will make to make a house a home.

9) My dad likes to treat us to the best wines, food, restuarants and holidays, it's never too expensive or unreasonable when it comes to Julien or me.

10) ... well that's it. I can't think of a 10 but I've got 9 nice things to love my dad and that will give me a good enough relationship that did not deserve any mean words from Ron.

Go on and do one for your dads, I look forward to reading them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's a beautiful day

...don't let it get away... Singing along U2's hit of the summer of 2000.

It is the 14th of March, still a good week into winter before Spring, however Spring is typically composed of a lasting Winter, dragging well into June. Not this year!!!
I had the coolest day, I was taking some magazine editors out for lunch today. I do that regularly so that they remember to publish my press releases and feature our products instead of the competitors' whenever they have an opportunity. Lucky me, these editors are grouped into four major publishing houses, two in London, one in Bath and one in Bournemouth (that's where I was going today). And if I show my face once a year, treat them to a nice lunch, leave a goodie bag for each of them and it's smooth sailing from there.

Today was the most gorgeous day, I was wearing a black skirt and a turquoise short sleeve top, it was 14 degrees with a clear blue sky and bright warm sunshine. The editors and journalists were good fun and really enjoyed the lunch. By three o'clock we were done and I asked Ian if he did not mind driving by the ocean, not only he did, but we walked along the coast, then walked down to the sea side, walked along the beach and back up to the car. We had another cup of coffee at the Marriott overlooking the Ocean before heading back to London. It was just brilliant.

Martin lives in Bournemouth, so I was glad to discover his town, and a couple of times, he called me in the office when he walks Fletch on the beach, it is cool to picture where he's calling from.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meme - When I was a Kid

1) When I was a kid, I could fall asleep anywhere at anytime. I would throw tantrums if my parents did not put me to bed by 8 o’clock. I really liked my sleep.

2) When I was a kid, I had nightmares. I only start remembering my nightmares from the age of three. My bad dreams included darkness, wolves, apes and sad things, like mom or Julien not loving me.

3) When I was a kid, I loved climbing up and jumping down. I climbed trees, I climbed rocks, I climbed fences, and pretty much anything else that can be climbed on. Then I jump down – from a reasonable height. I caused myself many injuries, mostly deep skin scratches on my back, arms and legs, caused by misjudging a branch or rock. 25 years later I am actually scared of heights?!?!

4) When I was a kid, I used to play in the antique Roman bath behind the house, there were underground galleries which were used as conduct for warming the bath. Julien and I were great adventurers and jumped down in those baths, and climbed up again and played GI joe by crawling into the gallery, and once I got stuck in the gallery and could not get out, I got so scared, I really thought I’d die of suffocation, but Julien managed to pull me out… Somehow I am not claustrophobic (doh!)

5) When I was a kid, I loved wearing dresses, but always preferred playing with boys – laddish games. So there I was a sweet little girl with blond curly hair, a lovely dress, her baby doll, her thumb in her mouth, running around playing cowboys and Indians, GI Joes and marbles and pirates, etc. I always liked balance…

6) When I was a kid, I did not like arguments. I soon realised that arguments were caused by difference of opinions and intolerance and decided that I would keep my opinions very open-minded to avoid conflict and never have to argue. I still live by that principle, I’m a much happier person.

Phew… this is a long post…

7) When I was a kid, I moved to India for my dad’s job. I discovered that France was not the world, I realised that you need no electricity, no toys, no water and no forms of entertainment to be happy, all you need is to be with the ones you love.

8) When I was a kid, I travelled throughout India, Thailand and Singapore. My curiosity got more than it bargained for when I discovered many other races and religions, weddings and funerals, ways of life and traditions. It was a hobby for a long time, and made me realise very early on the importance of tolerance and that there are no geographical boundaries, just nearer or further.

9) When I was a kid, I loved going to the sea side with my family, we’d go to be beach to dig for cockles and other seashells, I was scared of crabs, I thought they would pinch me to death! I loved playing in the sand dunes. I still love playing in sand.

10) When I was a kid, I played marbles, and lost them all to an older kid, so Julien beat him up, and I got all my marbles back (not figuratively though, I'm still missing those). I loved my brother very much and looked up to him, he was so cool and so strong and would protect me from anyone, anywhere.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a naughty mermaid this Michelle. ;)

... Suggesting a threesome wrestling in whipped cream - I guess that suggestion alone would turn on most guys on the planet. Me, all I can think is whether we can throw in some strawberries in that whipped cream?

It all started with an entertaining game on Michelle's blog:
So... Since it's international women's day today (did you all know that?) I have a game for all the ladies. Sorry boys. You must sit this one out. Sucks to be you.
Girls, when you leave a comment on this post, I will reply with these 5 things about you:
1. I will tell you what song makes me think of you.
2. I will tell you what tatoo I think would suit you.
3. I will tell you my first opinion of you.
4. I will tell you the color or flavor of jello that I'd wrestle you in.
5. I will give you a nickname.
Now, if you're a new reader and I don't know you very well, I may not do all of them for you, but I'll try.
Only one catch. If I do this, you must post it on your blog. You must. It is written.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE RESULT =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

1. I DONT WANNA BE A STUPID GIRL -by Pink. (you are one smart cookie)
I don't like pop music, but Pink is fun, and that's a fun song and even funnier video and damn right I don't want to be a stupid girl - so I guess it suits me alright.

2. You need to get like a UN symbol tattooed on you -based solely on your international, um, relations.

Huh? Not exactly the tattoo I had in mind. Although it is somewhat cool to be a representation of the UN social relation network special division.

3. I thought you were french. Enuff said (hahah...With all the little accents on the "e"'s in your name) In fact you're english. I couldn't be more wrong. Again.
Honestly. I have no idea by this whether you think I'm French or English... Let's see should I divulge this highly unimportant and unconfidential information?

4. We're running out of jello at this rate so maybe you and I can wrestle in whip cream.
Sure. Sounds... yummy.

To Groovy Lady: 4. As previously stated, there is no jello left. How would you feel about joining me and Helene in the whip cream?

5. Lani. I love that for you.
Sounds sweet, I like it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I've finally done it. I'm sponsoring a child in Africa. His name is Jonas (such a cute name), he's 10 and he lives with his parents in North East of South Africa, apparently football is his hobby (that's a good boy - can't go wrong with that). Now I'm feeling a bit... like I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

I've received a guide about what I can do and say, so I'll follow the instructions. I wonder if today his family received news that a woman from England was going to be giving money every month for Jonas to go to school and receive health care and whatever else it is they do.

That was my birthday present to myself (that and Final Fantasy XII). In the last year I have spent a lot of time wishfully thinking of going to Africa to make a difference. But being new at my job I knew I would not find the time to do it, and it is fairly expensive, and I don't really come with transferable skills (like teacher, nurse or doctor). So I decided to sponsor a child instead. On Saturday I went through dozens of operators that facilitate child sponsoring and selected World Vision. I'm ashamed to say I would have prefered a girl but I selected wherever the need is greater every where, (except for the continent, I selected Africa), so that's my boy where the need was the greatest at the moment I hit the submit button. I think I'm moved... it's like having another God son.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nightmares and bad dreams

I read on Jeanie's blog that she was having nightmares. I wonder if i beats mine? I had such a bad dream the other night that I had to switch on the light and wait till I wake up fully and reality to kick back in. I dreamt that my head was being chopped off by the wings of an helicopter and that I was still alive to see my face covered in blood and staring at my hands wondering why I'm still standing. And before I woke up I remember thinking that this must be out of a "Final Destination" movie although I've only seen bits and pieces of them.

I have nightmares so easily that I need to stay the Hell away from horror films and sad realities. That would give me sleepless nights too easily.

I call nightmares the bloodshed and fear
I call bad dreams the emotional torture

As a kid I remember so many sleepless nights thinking of ghosts, skeletons, aliens (like in the movie) and snakes... i had so many sleepless nights that my mom bought therapy sessions with a sophrologist (a sleep doctor) and he really helped. after ten sessions with him i managed to find some restful sleep. not stressing over the fact that it was four o'clock in the morning and that I was still awake and needed to be up fresh and bright in three hours for school. on the nights when I managed to actually fall asleep I would wake up at 5 am with horrible nightmares that would keep me awake till dawn. i slept well for the last 10 years, now they're back with a vengeance... the nightmares and the bad dreams. blood, snakes, evil, love, pain. it sucks.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The first day of my thirties

Ha! What a beautiful day. It all started on thursday night when my colleagues and I all went out to celebrate Danielle going on her maternity leave and my 30th birthday and just a friendly get-together night out.

After work, I met Nick and Martin at the hotel they were staying overnight and we had a pre-dinner drink, then we walked to the Mexcian restaurant Charlie's Horse in Windsor, where the two Sarah's (who organised the dinner) and Peter were already drinking Mojitos. We had very good fun and average food. I think it is the best quality time I've ever had with the girls on my team, especially the young Hannah.

On Friday, it was a serie of surprises, I don't remember doing a lot of work :P I arrived with lots of nice cakes and while I was preparing the cakes in the kitchen everyone walked in to wish me a happy birthday and those in their 30's to bid me welcome to the club. I think it is cool - there is no club at 20, but 30 does! I like the sound of that, it seems fair. Then Ann and Hannah sung Happy Birthday when I walked in and I had a card and bottle of champagne from everyone in the office, I also had emails from my friends and colleagues overseas.

By lunch time, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my darling husband, I was so excited, then Martin, Nick and Peter took me out for lunch, it was great, it was the first time we were just the 4 of us and I left the office on Ron's words of wisdom "be careful, 30's are very dangerous years, because you think you are wiser and smarter than your 20's but you aren't".

Later I met Alex in Waterloo as he was taking me out to a comedy club on the Thames river boat. Nadine, Jaco, Dan and Julie were there too, we had drinks and then enjoyed the serie of comedians; I truly had a great time, laughing till my sides hurt.
Danielle, Gary, Sue and Julie
The UK team girls: Julie, Jane, Hannah, me and Ann (the bride to be)
Peter, Sarah E, Sarah K, Martin and Nick
This was Monday night in Germany, Emma, Manny, me and Beth

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The very last day of my 20's

Today is the very last day of my 20's, tomorrow morning at 6am, when I wake up I will be entering a new deceny. It is kind of scary and I have to admit that I was feeling irrationnally blue last weekend. But tonight I am feeling serene and fairly excited to start a new era of my life.

This morning, as I was driving in to work, I was contemplating my 20's, my dreams, my hopes, my achievements, my shortcomings and what actually happened instead of what I thought it'd be.

For starters, I thought I would have had a career in hotel management, and that I'd meet someone in my mid 20's and have children by the time I'm 28.

1997 (20) I'm a student in hotel management in Paris, sharing a flat with my brother. I was already dating Alex for 6 months.
1998 (21) I graduated from my hotel management school. Got a job in Paris that was a disaster and moved to Malaysia in a hurry to join the Park Royal hotel in Penang
1999 (22) Mom and Dad had moved back to France, so I was living at Julien and Anna's while studying marketing and making a living out of baby sitting my mom's best friend kid, Kelly and working at the Alliance Francaise
2000 (23) I moved back to France for a while as I had visa problems, had a crap summer job and decided that I was not going to meet anyone better than Alex in this place, so I moved back to KL and moved in with Alex, absolutely skint and literally with just one suitcase
2001 (24) Alex Dad called in on a friend to help me get a job, the interview went well and I had a visa to stay in the country. I joined Extol where I worked 12 hours a day for a pathetic salary but was delighted
2002 (25) Julien and Anna moved from Penang to KL, so I spent a lot of time with them and Jacques who was 2 then. I remember looking forward to the weekends a lot. I spent most of the year organising a huge security conference, that is now organised every year
2003 (26) I remember I had a cool birthday party in Bangsar. Alex and I bought our first home together, a nice apartment with a gorgeous swimming pool.
2004 (27) Alex and I got married, went back to France for the wedding, it was lovely, then we had a quick honeymoon in Holland, staying with Neill and Chantal. By the end of the year, Papi Nono past away, and I hated being far from home, I hated being so bored in Malaysia, I was very frustrated not being able to travel bck home, or travel anywhere for that matter
2005 (28) I packed my bags, said my farewell and moved to England with just one suitcase (becoming a habit?) Before leaving, Alex and I had a proper honeymoon in Cambodia, with a three day adventure in Angkor. Spent a few months living left and right, looking for the right job, studying PRINCE2 (project management course)... until finally I got two job offers after 5 long months on my own, homeless yet determined - also thanks to friends like Sarah, Orla, Dan and Julie who took me in.
2006 (29) my best year of the deceny, I joined Verbatim on the 3rd of January, Alex joined me on time for my birthday, we moved to the lovely Kingston-Upon-Thames, got ourselves sorted and enjoyed all the concerts and shows and museums that I missed so much when I was in Malaysia.

So there... that's what I did in my twenties and tonight it's all behind me - somehow, it sounds like a large luggage to me and I can dump it.

Tomorrow is the first day of my thirties, what do I expect?
To remain the kid that I am at heart and lovely person that I think I am
To be a smarter person
To continue my prospective career at Verbatim
To start a family
To buy a house with a small garden
To travel the world, discover Japan, South Africa, Peru, the Grand Canyon and California and lots of lovely European cities.

I really look forward to my 30's.