Friday, March 16, 2007

A Meme for Dad

... I quite enjoy those 'meme' that go around. Yesterday I was at the races with my colleagues as it is my Boss' hobby we do a corporate hospitality programme and all get to go on the last day, once a year. (I'll post the details and photos later), so anyway, my manager got drunk and said some mean things. It's not new to me, he always does that, he gets 'emotionally' abusive when he drinks, and he insulted my relationship with my dad. I know this is the result of him having a bad relationship with his son (I can imagine why). So I don't want to take it personally, but I don't have the greatest relationship with dad, so I thought I'll list 10 things why I love dad.

1) My dad taught me dedication. He spend 25 years in the same job. He never took advantage of the business. He always tried to improve and grow within the business

2) My dad did protect me. I was quite independant and brave and looked after myself, but whenever we travelled, especially in India, he would stay up to make sure that no one kidnaps me, or hurts us.

3) My dad's idea of being a good father is to provide us comfort, give us what we need and if possible, what we want and give us an education, he did all that exceedingly well, so technically he's a as perfect as his idea ofd fatherhood is.

4) My dad - I reckon - did not really know how to interact with me. He would chat with Julien all the time, but I don't remember having many conversations with him until I was 19. That's the time he had some things to teach me, like managing my money, interacting with bosses and colleagues, seeing through a project or job and achieving targets.

5) My dad played jigsaw puzzles with me when I was in my transition between child and teenager. I loved those, I did the difficult ones, 2000 pieces jigsaws of catles in the bavarian forest (Germany). He was working in a different town and so only came home on weekends and he would take off his shoes and run upstairs to my room to do the jigsaw with me till dinner. That's my favorite quality time I eve had with dad.

6) My dad taught me loyalty, commitment, seriousness, out smarting smart arses in the office who play politics. (That one is fairly useful, although I am not as clever as I'd need).

7) My dad is fun, just not so much with me, but I see him with my mom and brother and his friends, and I do see a funny man. He enjoys life, golf, beer, good food, in French I'd say 'bon-vivant', I think it's cool.

8) My dad has dreams. I like to listen to his dreams, about where they could live, which house, what renovation they could/would/will make to make a house a home.

9) My dad likes to treat us to the best wines, food, restuarants and holidays, it's never too expensive or unreasonable when it comes to Julien or me.

10) ... well that's it. I can't think of a 10 but I've got 9 nice things to love my dad and that will give me a good enough relationship that did not deserve any mean words from Ron.

Go on and do one for your dads, I look forward to reading them.


Jeannie said...

I'm stunned that Ron would have the audacity to malign your relationship with your Dad. Does he even know him?
It's nice that you can find things to admire in your father when you weren't as close as you might have been. I think fathers often have a hard time really relating to daughters. I know my husband and baby love eachother but they don't have much to talk about on the phone and I don't even recall them doing anything alone together.

tweetey29 said...

I was just going to say which dad for me? LOL.. I have the father that fathered me and then I have my dad that raised me. LOL.. I know them both. I suppose I could do one for each. Compare the two. Five reasons why the are special to me each and get my ten. LOL.. Maybe I will do that later tonight. We are going to see my real dad tomorrow so maybe I will just wait till Sunday to post anything real important on that. This was interesting though. You are right dads have a harder time with girls than boys. J has a hard time relating to the girls. They wrestle with him on the floor but sometimes I think he forgets and K gets hurt. Nothing real bad. A bruised leg or gets dropped to hard. Stuff boys usually dont notice. But still. Anyway. Off to get K from school and then off to the store to grocery shop when J picks up from the school. Have a great weekend. Tweets.

Kitem said...

Number 10 is: He loves you very much, more than you can ever imagine.

Marianne said...

Bravo to you for giving this meme a go despite a rocky relationship with your dad. You did a great job!

v said...

Sadly , my dad died in 1929, I was three and a half years old.