Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Good Luck and Be Brave Emilie

This is Emilie, she is the lovelst girl I know and she is my cousin's girlfriend. Nicolas is a few years younger than Julien and I but having spent a few years of our childhood on the same street, we grew up like one big happy family.
Well, tonight Emilie has been admitted to the clinique as her contractions started and Antoine (that's the baby in the tummy) is expected impatiently!!!
So all the best to my dear cousin in her labour... I hope to see some pictures very soon.


tweetey29 said...

Good luck and hope everything goes well for her. I remember going into labor with K and not really knowing it until the harder contraction started. I walked alot while pregnant with K and that is suppose to help when you go into labor I guess. I dont know but it sure did for me. LOL.. Then some where along the lines I stopped dilating and had to have a c-section with her. Then with B we just did a repeat c-section. So hopefully everything goes well. Its not as bad as some women think it is. Its not easy but its not as bad either.

Hammer said...

Congrats to your cousin, looks like she needs some relief :)

Jeannie said...

Bonne chance Emilie! (or bon chance?)

Hope all is well with everyone
and congratulations - How exciting!

La Cremiere said...

Thanks friends!

Tweetey >> We though she'd need a C-Section but she did it on her own.

Hammer >> Yeah, that picture was taken just two weeks ago, her back was killing her

Jeannie >> Bonne Chance is correct and thanks... she needed it.