Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ma Petite Cherie, My Little Darling, The Love of My Life (with Daddy)

It's a girl!

Well we're 99% certain of it, it seems that on one occasion, the midwife told us that what looked like it was a girl turned out to be a healthy baby boy, but there is no wrong choice, either one is wonderful. I just wanted to know whether to talk to my baby as a She or a He, Her or Him. So it is She, my lovely, ma petite cherie...

This is my little darling at 21-weeks! (that was a month ago) She is such a little cheeky monkey so soon. There is another scan picture which shows her playing with her ombilical cord, pulling on it. She's perfect in every way, mind you, call me naive or arrogant, but I was surprised when the nurse said that, of course she is perfect in every way! I would not have expected any less.

This picture was taken on the 22nd of August at just 21-weeks, (the day after the scan) I could still fit in most of my clothes at that point (except for my skirts and trousers, so I had a pair of maternity trousers for work). Just a month later (picture taken by the Daddy on 22nd of September), I had to put away all my shirts, tops, bras, nothing fits anymore. I went on a shopping spree to quickly find something to wear the weekend before.

I wish I had a picture of this week because I swear that I am widening at sight! The little sweetheart had another growth spurt this week, I can tell because I'm bigger but also because I was utterly exhausted in spite of daily naps and solid 9-hour sleep. But the last two weeks I 've had insomnias, I am up every couple of hours or so because the little sweetheart figured that it was a whole playground mama's tummy, jumping and bouncing and twirling or whatever it is that she does. But that's a darn cute thing to wake up to.

I'm delighted, I'm the luckiest mama in the world, I'm sure of it. My main obsession nowadays is the nursery. I had found the perfect set from a shop in France but when I called, it would take months for the set to be available, and I can't see myself renting a van, driving accross to France being 8 months pregnant! Sounds a bit mad. Unfortunately, I can't find a similar perfect set here, so I am obsessing trying to find something that will do just fine... But now Kitem is here and so it will be hardcore shopping around for the white nursery. Although, after studying every page of every catalogue, I have a good idea of what I'm going to get. But I have not spent any money on the baby yet, (unlike Kitem and my grandma!), so I am looking forward to the shopping...

Friday, September 26, 2008

no news...

Little generic update, we had Alex parents over for a month in August, the weather was dreadful, work was dreadful, nightmares were causing sleep deprivation, and my hormones were raging furious. I suppose they say pregnant woman weep all the time, which I was lucky I don't have at all, however, I suffer from anger, I was constantly angry at everything, the economy, my taxes (they increased my taxes), politics, work (especially work!) and anything that could remotely cause harm or injustice to my baby's future. And by the time, everything got back to normal (weather and hormones) our internet was gone for a month (which did not help with the anger). So now, everything is truly back to normal, I haven't been as angry as I used to be over the last two weeks and the doctor says it's normal now that I am entering the third phase of pregnancy... Just give me a couple of days to catch up with you all and give you the real big news about my little darling!