Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update on the Bump

I already said it and will repeat it, but I must be the luckiest Mama in the world. The little darling is very active and responds to caresses and stories and she knows when her Daddy or Mama is talking to her, other time, she simply lets me feel her every move, whether hiccuping, stretching, kicking or changing sleeping position, although very soon she should be stuck head down. In the meantime, I managed to capture for your enjoyment some of her activities, this was while reading her a story Ernest et Celestine et le Sapin de Noel (The Christmas Tree of Ernest and Celestine)

Pour les copines francaise, je me vante de combien de chance j'ai d'avoir un p'tit bout aussi actif pour ne dire une grande agitee! Et je me fais peut etre des illusions, mais j'ai l'impression qu'elle repond aux caresses et qu'elle sait quand on lui lit une histoire... Cette video, je l'ai capture pendant que je lui lisais Ernest et Celestine et le Sapin de Noel, de Gabrielle Vincent, pour toutes les mamans qui lisent ce post, fort recommende.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shopping for Baby

Yesterday, Kitem, Mr. Garden and I want out for another big day of shopping for baby. Over the last few weeks my only concern had been the cot and the dresser and last weekend, I've put this behind me finally making my mind up on a gorgeous set from The White Company.

Yesterday, was shopping for the stroller and the car seat, presents from the proud Pepie and Memie. We had spotted the perfect set many months ago, a sports' model with suspensions which will be ideal for long strolls and mountain hiking, compatible with the latest model of safety for the car seat and its secure base which happens to be compatible with my car. So all is perfect and perfectly easy to use, with all sorts of comfort options for baby.
Pepie & Memie by the Thames river in Staines, where the large Mamas & Papas store (my favourite!) is.
After finding the stroller, we browsed the rest of the shop for Newborn-sized pyjamas. Above, a cute little mouse climbing to the stars, and a very cute Elephant - called Peanut from the Once Upon a Time collection.
Here with Memie, aka Kitem, on the way to lunch, after the long two-hour shopping in Mamas & Papas, we were famished. We are blessed with a fantastic weather this week, I love Autumns like this.
Quite important things we were looking for included the dreampods (sleeping bag) for winter, because I find them safer and more convenient than bedsheets, plus it gives baby that snugg feeling while giving it lots of space to kick its little legs (how cute!!!!!). Oh yeah, and with Halloween around the corner, we found this cute little story book Pumpkin Soup.
Other items from the Once Upon A Time set we bought include the Newborn pyjama, the changing mat, the dreampod and of course Memie bought that perfect little Doudou (Doux in French means soft so doudou could translate to 'Softy')

I now have most of the items off my list, my boss promised me some vouchers if I could strike a deal on USB Drives with anyone of my clients by year-end, I am so close but I have not received any order, I'll give myself one more month to close the deal and then I can use the vouchers to buy the outstanding bathing and feeding equipment, in spite of planning to breastfeed, I still want everything for feeding, so that Daddy can feed the little one and bond with his baby right from the start. I have it all sorted really, hours of research on the internet and studying catalogues do that - never been so well prepared for my studies before :P. The bedroom will be delivered middle of next month, so I will post pictures when I receive them and I requested to collect the stroller and changing table end of November, no point having it too early.