Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Return of the Geek

Ha! I had promised myself not to expose my dark side to ya-all, but you already kinda know; so I'll admit that I went to watch Transformers last night and I went to the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars at the Star Wars Celebration Europe, ExCel Centre London, 14 July 2007 and I loved it!!!

Shame you can't see the features, he had Han Solo's smile and his eyes... sigh.

Of couse, I could not resist pausing with the super duper better looking than Ewan McGregor, Obi-wan Kenobi

That Darth Maul was way into his role, bad ass at is best.

I could not help but get this cool shot from Bobba Fett none the least
At work & On a break

I liked the sandmen, they looked very cool.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Woo-hoo It's the weekend!

Ya-people, the week has ended, all problems are now gone solved or unsolved, whatever and who cares; it's done, gone, in the past, ain't nothing gonna change it now and I feel good.

Alex is coming back from his trip to Berlin and I can't wait to catch up with him; weird that I'd miss him after only a couple of nights, but it surely must be healthy for the relationship.

Since I confused some people with my last post about a nightmare, I thought I'd give you a glimpse in the background as it is in fact pretty funny even though the nightmare itself deprived me of a much needed night's sleep.

A couple of weeks ago, the office lunch conversation abruptly turned from what should be done with the over crowded jails to which movie star we would sleep with given the opportunity. Owen Wilson is my mate of choice: cute, funny, laid back, sexy in a non gorgeous way.

Coming home that night, I told Alex about the conversation, mostly because of one interesting choice from a colleague who named Nick Nolte!? (not sexy if my memory serves me right). And out of curiosity, I asked my dearest husband, which actress would be his choice. He chose the beauiful Scarlett Johansson and I even approved his choice, she is drop dead gorgeous and so very cool; I absolutely love her since Lost in translation, and if I wanted to look like anyone, it'd be her.

However in my over-stressed week and restless nights, the thought crept in my dream of Alex having sex with a gorgeous blonde that wasn't me and I awoke feeling fairly upset even though relieved it was just a dream.

'fess up people, for which star would you break your wedding vows in your dreams? ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Going down fast, baby!

Do you know these kind of days?

The kind where you wish you had stayed in bed that morning?

The kind where comes Monday morning you still have not recuperated from the week before and you've got to start another week with an even busier schedule?

The kind of day where you know a lot of crap is waiting for you at the office but you might as well face it now?

The kind of day when you can't fall asleep because you're too tired, and wake up too early because of a nightmare?

This day was today.

Last week was hectic, bringing work home and meeting tight schedules; juggling between all major accounts who all seem to have yesterday as a deadline. I certainly can't blame my social schedule, as it is seriously reduced to two friends, a 34-year old obsessive compulsive woman, Sandy Shortt, who is obsessed with finding lost things and missing people in 'A Place Called Here' by Cecelia Ahern; and a 90-year old woman, Grace Bradley, recalling her days as a housemaid in 'The House at Riverton' by Kate Morton.

Today was faced with so many problems that apathy dawned on me; I just walked out. I was not angry or frustrated or sad, I just felt nothing; pure helplessness. I was stressing about today because I had to prepare four important presentations and finalise a corporate hospitality event due next week. Of course everything went wrong; the hotel room booking was the wrong dates; the menus are not confirmed, customers cancelled, Ron wanted his presentation first; but could not sit 5 minutes with me to check it. And to top it up, an important magazine editor is trying to get products off me, for which my boss said no to, but the editor keeps coming with dozen of proposals and I feel awful for saying no, because it ain't such a bad thing and I don't want bad press, I feel a bit black-mailed. Of course I could have stayed late, but for the first time in two weeks I had a social dinner planned with my colleagues in the occasion of one's birthday. It was a pleasant distraction from today.

I am so tired. everyday. My nights have not been helping either, with nightmares of lost friendships, missing my nephews and my dear hubby betraying me (it's actually a funny story that caused that awful nightmare). I can't find the much needed peace of mind on evenings either, because I have been preparing for my driving license test as it is required by the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) after driving one year on my international driving license. Last Tuesday was my theory test, which I passed, and Saturday afternoon, was spent with a driving instructor correcting all the bad habits that settle in with the confidence one gets from driving for the last 13 years, like multi-tasking, which is apparently not the right procedure. That was bloody well stressful and threw me back to when I was 16.

Oh well, just for those of you who know me well; we all know how that's going to end, don't we? I'm going to get overwhelmed, and I'm gonna get very angry at the lack of respect from my boss and colleagues and clients; and I'm going to blow and make a fool of myself and despise myself for the next 6 weeks or more. Which prompts some words of wisdom from dad; pressure is like a pile of tokens, when the pile gets too high, that's when it collapses and that the burst of anger erupts; so I need to tackle each token one by one until the pile remains manageable. So here is my plan of action:

1) Ask Martin to sort me out regarding the editor; it will take him one phone call.
2) Ask Julie to help me sort out the hotel booking and meal arrangement for next week; while I complete my presentations and proposals to the customers I'm seeing this week.
3) Stop stressing about the driving test, I bloody well know how to drive and am a very cautious driver, so keep cool and book the test.
4) Apply for holidays; just a couple of days here and there to catch my breath and take the driving test.
5) Sort out the next regional meeting with Julie. Same thing as last year, can't be that complicated to repeat.
6) Sort out the upcoming Rugby World Cup corporate hospitality; that one will be two emails and one phone call. Hotel is booked and all I need are names for transport - responsibility of the sales managers.
7) Tell Peter to deal with his own shit.
8) Get the designer to do the flyers customers need, cost is higher but at leat it's off my list and briefing them will be quick and easy.

Seems manageable now that I put it down like that. Off to bed with Mrs. Bradley. Goodnight.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career

Since I do not have a daily update to share with you lots because my life is ruled by my job and pretty uneventful after work, I have decided to write on topics inspired by song titles in our iTunes. Should I shuffle or just pick Belle & Sebastian interesting song titles? :)

It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career

Or is it already? Define career, wise man might ask.
I always imagined a career would be Melanie Griffith in Working Girl from PA to Boss or Charlie Sheen in Wall Street; someone climbing the corporate ladder; someone recognised for their efforts and wits; someone who makes lots of $$$.

But now, I've been working for 9 years:
2 years holding odd jobs as a PA in a French school, a babysitter, a french tutor, a computer tutor, a waitress and a conference and incentive assistant.
5 years as a marketing exec in an IT security company; where I worked my arse off and earned peanuts, drove a tiny car that I loved just because it was mine, althought technically it wasn't, it was Kitem's, and owned a nice apartment in a new development.
6 months unemployed, trying to live the dream in London to have a nicer life.
18 months in the perfect job, where I get to shine everyday.

It may not be a career, but it brings enough money home and this time I have a very nice car with my name on it and I live in a lovely area of the city and I am happy to go to work every day, and my boss appreciates my work and rewards me in consequence; I always have projects to look forward to; and I may not be a manager, I may not be in the news for being the best person in the world at my job but I know I'm good and my peers recognise that, and my parents and loved ones are proud of me and that means the world to me, that's more than I could have ever wished for outside of Hollywood.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

News Bits

It has been a pretty cool week, with something special happening every day...

In the morning, Sarah came over to give us an update on dear Dan' situation; and he is paralysed chest down, therefore he will still be able to use his arms and his head is fine, so he will be able to have a reasonnably normal life, he'll be able to drive and work with computers (which is what he was doing), and zap TV channels and drink a beer, if his medicine allows him to. I thought that was pretty good news considering that he might have been paraplegic for life.

On Monday night, I met Alex in London in China Town for a quick spicy Nasi Lemak and off to watch Interpol at London Astoria; they were brilliant, I really enjoyed their new songs, the album is out tomorrow. But it was during Hands Away, that I expelled a 'I can't believe I'm hearing this live'. I was extatic. I can't wait to watch them again in Leeds in August and in Green Wood in November. Listen to Heinrich Maneuver from the new album 'Our Love to Admire'

I was travelling with Martin to meet a new customer, the meeting was very successful and I got along great with the client, a pretty girl about my age. In the evening we drove down to Leicester and were joined by Mats, our Swedish colleague and had a great dinner discussing global warming, facts and fiction, cause and consequence.

We had a meeting with our distributor, it was quite informal but productive. We finished late and I drove back down to London got stuck in traffic for 5 hours. Our neighbour had organised a farewell party for our South African neighbours moving to Australia, so I finally reached home, I scribbled a farewell message in a card and grabbed a bottle of champagne from the fridge. I really life the neighbours they are very nice and good fun, I look forward to spending more time with them.

Work was hectic, I thought I would never see the end of the day, but at five o'clock I left to get myself pampered with a facial at my local beauty saloon. It was so wonderful refreshing that I felt dizzy by the end of the hour. I can't remember when was the last time I felt that relaxed. I cooked a lovely dinner for Alex and called Kitem, who says Hi! to all of you and is having a great time renovating the holiday home in Ardeche.

Had a nice chat with Ron about the new guy joining up, Russell, and how my job spec will change etc. Ron was very reassuring that my role will become even more important with this new addition, so it's cool.

Shopping!!! At last we had a lovely summer's day, so Alex and I went to town where we had lunch at the market place, where the German fair is taking place throughout the month and had German grub. I bought a few blouse that will go great in the office or with jeans.

It's that time of the week, where I need to clean up and scrub up but will be out of here in a minute to enjoy the sun.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby it's you!

A lovely idea for a tag from Jeannie, initiated by Hammer.

I have a dozen of awfully cute baby pictures of me; but that's so friggin' vain to admire the beautiful baby you once were, especially when you see your face in the mirror 30 years later and how you turned out!

hmmm. choose between the serious one, the funny one, the cute one, me at one, me at two or me at three?

I was one and a bit, we still have this swing in our garden, although Kitem and Mr. Garden restored it for my nephews. I had this doll from birth, Kitem kept it in spite of the one poked eye and the other one coloured in blue for a failed make-up effect.