Sunday, July 08, 2007

News Bits

It has been a pretty cool week, with something special happening every day...

In the morning, Sarah came over to give us an update on dear Dan' situation; and he is paralysed chest down, therefore he will still be able to use his arms and his head is fine, so he will be able to have a reasonnably normal life, he'll be able to drive and work with computers (which is what he was doing), and zap TV channels and drink a beer, if his medicine allows him to. I thought that was pretty good news considering that he might have been paraplegic for life.

On Monday night, I met Alex in London in China Town for a quick spicy Nasi Lemak and off to watch Interpol at London Astoria; they were brilliant, I really enjoyed their new songs, the album is out tomorrow. But it was during Hands Away, that I expelled a 'I can't believe I'm hearing this live'. I was extatic. I can't wait to watch them again in Leeds in August and in Green Wood in November. Listen to Heinrich Maneuver from the new album 'Our Love to Admire'

I was travelling with Martin to meet a new customer, the meeting was very successful and I got along great with the client, a pretty girl about my age. In the evening we drove down to Leicester and were joined by Mats, our Swedish colleague and had a great dinner discussing global warming, facts and fiction, cause and consequence.

We had a meeting with our distributor, it was quite informal but productive. We finished late and I drove back down to London got stuck in traffic for 5 hours. Our neighbour had organised a farewell party for our South African neighbours moving to Australia, so I finally reached home, I scribbled a farewell message in a card and grabbed a bottle of champagne from the fridge. I really life the neighbours they are very nice and good fun, I look forward to spending more time with them.

Work was hectic, I thought I would never see the end of the day, but at five o'clock I left to get myself pampered with a facial at my local beauty saloon. It was so wonderful refreshing that I felt dizzy by the end of the hour. I can't remember when was the last time I felt that relaxed. I cooked a lovely dinner for Alex and called Kitem, who says Hi! to all of you and is having a great time renovating the holiday home in Ardeche.

Had a nice chat with Ron about the new guy joining up, Russell, and how my job spec will change etc. Ron was very reassuring that my role will become even more important with this new addition, so it's cool.

Shopping!!! At last we had a lovely summer's day, so Alex and I went to town where we had lunch at the market place, where the German fair is taking place throughout the month and had German grub. I bought a few blouse that will go great in the office or with jeans.

It's that time of the week, where I need to clean up and scrub up but will be out of here in a minute to enjoy the sun.


Hammer said...

Sounds like a great week.

5 hour traffic jam? That is unreal.

The Zombieslayer said...

That's great to hear about Daniel. It's really sad he won't get to use his legs, but it was better than what was originally thought at least.

My friend let me borrow Interpol's Mammoth and I still haven't slipped the CD in. I'll have to do that. The only time I heard them was when I heard them live that one time.

As for German food, I've always said it was one of the more underrated cuisines. I think Americans take it for granted because so much of it has been incorporated into American cuisine, with only a few slight modifications.

tweetey30 said...

Sounds like you had just as much fun this last week as I did. We went to Milwaukee over the weekend and the museum. You had asked where we went. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Jenny! said...

Sounds like a busy week! So glad you got a bit of pampering in!