Friday, March 30, 2007

V is for...

I have a new blogfriend... That's cool, I like new friends, who visit my page and leave friendly comments, and can't wait to visit their page and in turn leave comments... that's the philosophy of the blogsphere. However... here, V does not have a profile, nor does he have a picture, nor does he have a blog link, all that mystery is intriguing...

V is... short for Victor, I like that name for two reasons:
1) It is one-letter short of Victory, that's a nice word
2) I like the movie Victor/Victoria starring Julie Andrews

V is... a cool letter to look up in a dictionary
Lots of nice words start with V, on top of my head, it's also Valiant, Value, Virtue, Vivacity, Verocious, Vow, Vitality, Vocation, Vacation, Venerable, Vodka (oops).

V is... for Venice
On the top 10 of loveliest city in the world, it is build on water and has got lots of canal and bridges and churches and old architecture. I went there with mom, dad and Julien long before I thought it was romantic, but have no doubt it is a romantic city.

V is... for Visitors
Remember that 80's show with aliens that looked human and the women were literally man eaters?

Actually, all I could figure out is that he must be British (Maybe my neighbour?), and must be 81 years old, (lovely grandpa age, not my neighbour) and was in the Royal Navy for 24.5 years (that's how I figured British, but he could be Australian as they serve the Queen as well) and has a UN medal (Now that's cool, I need to get the tattoo).

V when you come back, don't be shy and let yourself be known.


Hammer said...

Very Good :) Congrats on the new cousin!

tweetey29 said...

Congrats on new friend. Hope he comes back.

Kitem said...

Vraiment, c'est sympa d'avoir un visiteur inconnu qui laisse quelquefois des indices sur sa vie, si il a l'age qu'il dit il doit etre assez age, j'espere qu'il reviendra te donner des nouvelles.
Je crois que tu as aussi un ou des admirateurs anonymes c'est tres mysterieux.

Jay said...

Oooh, a mystery reader. Glad you're on the case.