Friday, April 06, 2007

Quick Update

What a week, with beautiful weather and trees in bloom with bright pink and white flowers everywhere.

Nicolas, Emilie and Antoine have come home from the clinic and they are happily settling in together; they were very happy with the hamper and allowed me to be Antoine's Tata (Auntie) although I am technically only a cousin. Which made me very happy

I had a very social week, with on Wednesday Nadine's birthday. I met her bride's maid Bridget and heard all about the wedding that I missed, it seemed hectic the planning with lots of last minute things going wrong but everything went well on the big day, and that's all that matters. They also had a dream honey moon in an exclusive island off the coast of Zanzibar, they had their love bungalow with own private beach and private swimming pool - woohoo!

Yesterday, I also caught up with Sudesh, which was great, I do miss chatting with him, we always had brilliant conversations, never got bored. Now it is too scarce.

I exchanged some lovely emails with Kitem and spoke to my cousin Chloe for her birthday, I had not chatted with her since Christmas, I miss her loads, and Alison, Dani and Clive from South Africa as they celebrated Alison's birthday. Very cool bunch.

For the occasion of Easter holiday and great results in Q1, Nick bought our team lunch, so we had a fun long lunch in the sunshine. It was brilliant.

And now we're off to Prague for the next four days!


Jeannie said...

Sounds wonderful! You are fortunate there to have so many cultures close at hand to nip off for a long weekend.

tweetey29 said...

Have fun for the Easter Holiday. If we get Easter Baskets for the girls this weekend I will post pix of the girls with there baskets on Monday I promise. Its more the funding than anything. Well hope you have a great time. I have no idea where these countries are or just different places. But I love hearing about them.

Kitem said...

C'est quoi Q1?