Sunday, April 22, 2007

My favorite romantic films

Philadelphia Story
Katherine Hepburn is the most awesome lady, she knows what she wants and is not afraid of consequences or to follow her heart - An absolutely brilliant comedy.

True Romance
That's one hell of a romance on edge. The passion between Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater is just so intense and care-free and just... blows me away every time.

When Harry met Sally
Because of that movie, every New Year I believe that I must tell the one I love that I love him. "When you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want that day to start now."

Love Actually
I love all the different love stories happening in that movie, but I love most the unsaid, the crushes that seem so unreasonnable or the fear of being a one-sided feeling, all these things that stop people from admitting their feelings and taking a chance.

That's really the ones that come rushing to mind, other romantic films I enjoyed a lot include:

It's the funniest romantic film ever - a very unlikely romance that ends better than anyone could imagine. It reminds me of my romance with Alex. hihi!

A Life Less Ordinary
An obscure film by English director Danny Boyle, about a young lad (Ewan Mc Gregor) who kidnaps very high society and cool Cameron Diaz; again an unlikely relation sets in and ends well in the strangest twists.

err... I'm stalling, I 'm more into adventure/action films, that might explain it. Anyway, if you haven't seen one of these, go rent it out.


Jeannie said...

There are some good movies there and some I'm not sure I've seen. I am not in charge of renting movies so I probably will never see them.

Hammer said...

I liked true romance and shrek.

Personally, I liked woody allen's movies that mixed silly stuff with the mushy parts.

Pirate said...

Great list. Too bad you couldn't have thrown in an old Audrey Hepburn or Ingrid Berman, possibly the hottest ladies to grace the screen.

I am like hammer though. I am a true Woody Allen fan and have found Annie Hall my true love story.

Vest said...

I was taught by wise people that history is the greatest educator. Also, some of the most eloquent educational tools in the historical sense have been the ‘inversions of history’ type, eg ‘Barbequarea’ a film where a fleet of aboriginal ships invades an isolated and naive ‘white’ Australia and where mounted aboriginal police bash and arrest whites defiantly marching down George St on Anzac Day. Another film of the genre portrayed black Africans on safari in Austria, with Austrians carrying the equipment, and then archiving the strange customs of the native Austrians ie leiderhosen boot dancing and the rapid consumption of a drink known as ‘lager’ under temporary canvas tents and a full moon. Weird. The relevance here is that, in an inversion of the Western missionary cargo cult strategy of air-dropping bibles into naive native villages in the South Pacific, we need a wealthy and well-meaning athiest (or socialist) to sponsor the air-dropping of millions of copies of Richard Dawkins academic and excellent book “The God Delusion” into that backwater of superstition and religious ignorance called the United States of America. Put me down for a hundred buck donation. Tax deductible I hop

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Who desn't like "When Harry met Sally?" I haven't met that person yet...

I love your new colours by they way. Very spring :-)

tweetey29 said...

I have seen When Harry Met Sally and Shrek.

But I didnt know Shrek had a romantic twist to it except at the end of it. I guess I wasnt watching for it.

La Cremiere said...

Oooh I forgot Bridget Jones, 'cos I think we can all relate to her story at some point or another of our romantic life (except I never two blokes fighting for me).

Jeannie - True Romance is great for boys 'cos of the drug and violence bits, but do try Philadelphia Story, it's just awesome and I'm sure your hubby will like it too.

Hammer & Pirate - Thanks for the tip, I've bought Annie Hall today - never seen it before, I'll watch it this weekend and let you know. I used to like the Woody Alen version of a Midsummer Night's Dream.

Vest - Sounds interesting, hardly what I call romantic though ;)

Mermaid - never dared to fake an orgasm in a public place

Tweetey - well, obviously not romantic throughout, but neither was my romance with Alex.

John McElveen said...

If you haven't seen this sleeper Starring Johnnie Depp and Mary Stuart Masterson it is a must.....

Bennie & Joon---awesome soundtrack too!@


PS: Love the Colors!

Anonymous said...

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