Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Things I love

I love the sound of the train going past when I drive under the bridge at the end of the road
I love the feeling of the grains of rice through my fingers
I love the sound of water running
I love to hear I miss you
I love to say I love you and mean it
I love to give kisses, I love to feel through my lips
I love to look through the leaves of a tree to catch the sun
I love to stare at planes flying by and leaving tracks in a blue sky
I love to smell food, it's half the pleasure of eating
I love the feeling of water running down my throat when I'm thirsty

... and lastly I love Spring, it reminds me of all the things I love... It fulfills me.


Kitem said...

OOh il est beau ton poeme.

La Cremiere said...

C'est pas un poeme, c'est juste des choses a quoi je pensais et que j'aime le plus au monde...

I forgot also that I love laughing whole-heartedly!!!

Jeannie said...

Well - it could be a poem if you took out the numbers.

I can agree with almost all of them. Almost because I don't have a train at the end of the road - but I do love to hear the whistle late at night or in the early morning sounding so lonely and far away.
And the grains of rice I would replace with sand.
I also love a (not too cold) wind against my face.
Spring is so beautiful.

tweetey29 said...

Very beautiful. In the next couple of weeks I am going to plant some flowers in the front of our house and then the grow a little bit I promise to take photos and post them.

Pirate said...

What a breath of fresh air your post is. Thanks. Those are all lovely things.

I love the sound of a breeze through trees myself and the sound of water bumping up against a boat moored at a spit.