Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Here are the photos of my weekend getaway with Alex to Prague two weeks ago. It was lovely, unfortunately the weather was much colder than the weathermen predicted (how surprising), so we did feel a bit cold walking around from 9 am till 9 pm everyday. Alex was all 'churched-out' after the fifth church, they are baroque style, which is very bling-bling and flashy, it does not seem very pious. I could not take photos of one church in the town hall, but it had a weird genre with cherubins cutting off children's fingers and dead people, eww it was just weird. St Vitus cathedral was gorgeous and well worth the trip

Enjoy the photos...

In front of the palace gate. The Cathedral St Vitus is eracted inside the palace compound (now converted to their 'white house', where their president office is.) View from the palace gardens over the city and more churches.

A detail of the gate outside the cathedral.

A gorgeous stained glass inside the cathedral.

We strolled by some nice gardens with an open air theater.

This clock attached to the town hall on the market place is one of the favorite attraction of Prague, It is beautifully built and has the twelve apostles waving at the window above the clock with it strikes the hour, the animation all includes Death (seen from profile here) pulling a cord to ring the bell. The inventor of this marvellous piece of work was rewarded by his King by being blinded so that he could never produce a more magnificiant work, sucks beyond words.

We ended the two-day exhaustive discovery with a Ghost Tour, it was funny more than scary, the guide would tell us some hard to believe ghost story and ten meters down the road a guy dressed up would run up at us in a lame attempt to scare us. What was funny though is that I freaked myself out and all the other people, when I was expecting so much that guy to jump at us that I shrieked turning a corner, but it turns out there was no one there!! lol, Alex still teases me about this. hihihi.

The gorgeous buildings of the market place basking in the late afternoon sun.


Kitem said...

Oh, c'est magnifique Prague, il faudra qu'un jour on se decide pour aller visiter ces superbes capitales de l'Est, je suis contente qu'ils aient si bien renové.
Bon voyage à Dublin, enjoy yourself.

tweetey29 said...

Thwy are beautiful.Now looking at these I wish I could have went with youLOL.. Hope you had fun though.

Marianne said...

I enjoy the stories that went with each picture. Very interesting!

SME said...

Oh, it looks gooorgeous!! Kind of spooky and gothic, in the best possible way.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Cremiere - you look FANTASTIC. It looks like you had a lovely time. I'm glad to read that. I've been thinking about you lots lately. Keep in touch.


Kitem said...

Hé, va voir mon nouveau blog comme il est beau.
J'ai bien reussi à mettre une photo sur le titre "Jardin de Charente" mais il n'est plus accessible au public na. Avant toute chose maintenant, je dois apprendre à utiliser photoshop, et c'est pas gagné!!!

Samantha said...

Great weekend and nice pictures! I think you enjoyed so much that cold was not a big problem for you. But actually this winter was quite warm for Prague. If you go to Prague again there are also many places you should make the trip both in the inner or outer suburbs. Of course, second Prague Castle – Vysehrad, or Troja Castle near ZOO and Biological Gardens are the most known attractions from the outside the very historical center with luxury Prague hotels, but there is more: Holesovice with several museums (such as National Gallery's Centre for Modern and Comtemporary Art or National Technology Museum), Zizkov with its cemeteries or TV tower, Dejvice with its residential and brownstone houses or Brevnov with its large monastery (oldest Benedictine monastery with a thousand year history.
And there is even more: Just some 10 kms from the Wenceslas Square you find nice natural reservations to walk around and relax.