Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Unknown Pleasures & Football

I have this compulsion to talk during football. I must apologise to my hubby cos I can spend hours going about my chores but the second football is on I've got loads to chat about. I can't help it. I mean I don't even mind him watching the footie. It's just that because he is watching the footie, I need to keep myself busy and I do that by tidying up and cleaning up, which is boring so I need to talk at the same time and comment; alternatively I am surfing some cool or unusual websites and I also need to share whatever caught my attention and got me all excited! So there, I talk all the time during the football, except right now cos I'm telling you instead. hihihi. :D

Anyway, my other better half, also referred to as Shrek in an earlier post, or Alex on some pictures caption, has started his own blog.

Ladies, beware! He'll talk about football occasionally! (by the way, for American friends, in England it's football, in US you call it soccer)

Here is a preview of his blog (he's so cool!)
Rejoice, pilgrims! For I have, on this glorious Sabbath afternoon close to the banks of the mighty Thames, decided to deliver a mighty blog worthy of wreaking havoc to this dystopian world. Who am I kidding?... Read Unknown Pleasures


tweetey29 said...

You wouldnt want to be in our house when the football season is on here. I am constantly yelling at the tv. J keeps telling me I should be a commenter for professional football. LOL.. I get so mad at a certain play that I literally start yelling. J just sits there and laughs at me. I have never gotten into soccer but we all have our own favorite sports.

Go Alex for starting your own blog.

Alex said...

I can't believe that I'm being referred to as "Shrek"...Wayne Rooney, maybe...but me? Talk about a blow to my self-esteem...The horror, the horror...