Monday, May 21, 2007

Kitem's Meme Tag

My hand of choice is...

My left hand.

Because I'm clumsy and I like to blame my 'two left hands'!

Because my fingers are crooked, esp. the ring finger and I was scared people would think I'm weird, and always tried to hide my hands, until I moved to India where people were deformed and missing limbs, or suffered from skin problem causing their skin to have huge patches of white constrasting with their dark skin and I felt guilty when I realised how blessed I was that my only physical deformity are my ring and little fingers.

Because although I'm right-handed, there is a lot of things I do like a left-handed person, my sport teacher was always frustrated with me because I played like a left-handed person, whatever that meant, and I eat like a left-handed person (hold knife in left hand) so I think there is a little bit of a leftie in me, just like my brother!

Because when I'm stressed or restless, I like to pinch the fingers of my left hand with my left thumb.

Because I've got my wedding band on my crooked finger!

Because the vein in my ring finger goes straight to my heart and the thought makes me happy!


Hammer said...

They don't look too crooked. However I know what you mean, my toes are crooked so I don't wear sandals.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Hmmm...I never paid enough attention to my fingers or my toes. Maybe I'm the odd one?!

I just took a look at my hands. They look weird to me too. I guess my joints look too big. You think other people actually notice these things on us, or are we just being over picky here?

By the way, your hand looks nice to me :-)

Kitem said...

Tres jolies mains, tu devrais tagger ta copine photographe.
Tu vois comme nous sommes tous heureux, contents, happy de lire tes posts sur le blog, tu nous manque terriblement quand tu n'es pas la.

tweetey29 said...

My right hand is all disjointed too. I fell when I was a child learning to ride my bike and I think I broke them and they never healed right. I mean when i got home you could see my poor little bones. but mom just said they woudl heal and I had just fallen off my bike again. So that is what i took it to be all these years.

tshsmom said...

This is so funny! You are reverse! I write left-handed. Everything else like eating, sports, scissors, I do right-handed.

I still need to finish my hand meme. I'm waiting for my son to take the picture for me.

Jeff said...

Interesting reflection on your hand. We can blog about anything, can't we?

SME said...

The people missing limbs and digits in India really puts things in perspective. I'm always embarrassed about my fingers 'cause I don't like the way they've got little pockets of fat pooching out on top for no apparent reason, but seriously, who cares? Our hands are special and deserve respect!

Dany said...

Very interesting, your hand look nice and it's just you can know this story.

Everyone should whrite about their history of theirs hands because each one have something special.

I thing I will try on my blog.

Kitem said...

Helene, on a toutes les deux aujourd'hui 537 visiteurs, eh, tu vois, je te rattrape! bisous