Monday, May 21, 2007

Not my usual weekend

Alex parents are coming over to visit us for a month, at last. We now have a nice comfortable home in a nice surbubian area of London and we have been waiting for either one of our parents to come and stay with us and enjoy this great city and cook us nice dinners...

(oops, sorry Maman and Auntie... I promise I'll do my share of cooking, but you see we just miss our moms' home cooked dinners so much).

So last weekend was just about turning the second bedroom, aka the store room (overflowing with old suits, clothes we no longer wear or occasional dresses, winter shoes and party games, the medicine box with half-used, out of date medicine taking up three shelves, the Christmas decorations, our suitcases, gym bags, my handbags and our jackets) into a decent, proper and comfortable bedroom. It was also used into scrubbing the place and vaccuming and tidying and dusting, and washing, etc.

It all started on Friday night though when I was going out with Alex and Nadine and Jaco and their friends at a club in Earlsfield. It was quite a gruesome place, with young gorgeous people making out not in dark corners and people puking not in corners either before finishing up their glass of beer nonchalently. I truly enjoy the company of Nadine, Jaco and their friends, whom we met at Nadine's birthday are really nice too, we teased Nadine about her plans for the future; and I had a cool conversation with James and Mandy about video games, golf and football. We were introduced to Francois, who is not French (my mistake), that's a cool story in fact, Francois and Jaco were class mates over ten years ago, but not just class mates, they were in fact very close friends, and they lost touch before Jaco moved to London, and they met again completely by chance last week, they recognised each other instantly and it looks like they're gonna be best friends all over again! Isn't that cool? To celebrate Francois bought a round a Jagermeister, a cough mixure-like shooter, which I mentioned in my post about Oslo. We ended the evening fairly late with a lovely Indian dinner. Bridget and James left early because James was playing golf the next day and Mandy had another party to go to.

On Saturday was Sarah's very awaited 30th birthday party, but I missed it, I woke up very late with a slight headache (bloody jagermeister) and did most of the cleaning and scrubbing and shopping while Alex was watching the FA Cup final. After all my house work, I felt very crap, my head throbbing, must be the fumes from the detergents (certainly not the jagermeister, no.) I felt bad missing Sarah's big day but I felt worse for the throbbing headache.

On Sunday, I lounged a bit in the morning playing my game, followed by the final touch of cleaning and tidying up. And in the afternoon Alex and I joined Nadine and Jaco at the driving range to practice golf!!! Okay, that's where people practice golf, in my case it wasn't so much a practice as it was being a public danger, swinging a golf club aimlessly. I eventually got it right and here are my proud results:

Out of 50 balls, I...
I missed hitting the ball 5 times
The ball diverged completely from my aim 7 times
The ball rolled instead of lifting off 42 times
I nearly hit my target 19 times
Hit my target once
(note that the same ball could do a few of the above, so don't try and add them up ;) )

Overall, I really enjoyed it, and will be going again and if I like it, or still do okay (by my low standards) then I might go for lessons.


Kitem said...

Oui, you should take golf lessons, i know a lot of people who would be very happy to play with you.
Did you know that Jacques and Nicolas have golf lessons and are doing very well?
I guess Chet an Charles are looking forward their trip to England, happy holiday to them.

tweetey29 said...

I have never played golf or mini golf for that matter. But it sounds like you had fun though.

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