Tuesday, May 01, 2007

James Fresh as a daisy

Last Friday after a long tiring few days in Dublin, I made my way to see James in Brixton Carling Academy. JAMES!!!! Can you imagine? You might cos apparently they're as popular in the US than in the UK. There is about 6 songs of James that have been "my favorite!!!!!" at some point of time:

Sit down was my favorite in Penang in 1993/4
Sometimes was also my favorite still in Penang in 1993/4
Born of Frustration was my favorite in Penang/Singapore in 1995
She's a Star was my alarm clock every morning in Paris in 1997
Tomorrow was my also favorite in Paris in 1997
Runaground was my favorite earlier this year when Alex bought the gig ticket and that I took out the albums for a refresher course in 2007

When I have a favorite, which is very frequent, it stays so forever, now... thank God for iPod which allows me to keep track of all my favorites - that tallies to about 320 songs and another 100 songs that I just don't get bored of.

At the concert, in two hours I loved every single songs, they came back twice! that's a very rare occasion. They're brilliant, I want to see them again! Next entry is all the gigs I've been to and in order of my best/favorite experience.


Jeannie said...

I wish I could match up the names of bands and their songs and the song itself. I'm clueless. But I do so love a live concert. Just haven't been to too many. Looking forward to hearing your list though.

And yes, I think we should kidnap Jay and take off somewhere - I'd totally trust you to choose the location.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

James? WHO is that? (I bet that pisses you off, hehe) but seriously, I've never heard of him, or them?

tweetey29 said...

I have to agree with VMMP. Never heard of him or them. But am looking forward to your post about it.

Kitem said...

Moi non plus je ne sais pas qui c'est bien que je dois connaitre ses chansons par coeur du temps de Penang, et c'est super chouette de voir un concert en live.
Et ton mari, quel humour, quel amour.

Jeannie said...

Hey - I've tagged you with Hammer's 500 Meme... have fun!

La Cremiere said...

Jeannie - thanks for trusting me. it'd be great fun... by the way. errr thanks (not!) for the meme.

Mermaid - Nah you could not piss me off, you're too funny

Tweetey/Kitem/Mermaid - James is the name of the band of seven guys from Manchester UK, the lead singer and song writer is Tim Booth

Dinah said...

You write very well.