Monday, May 21, 2007

In killer mode

Alright, I have not told you all the things I've been up to or not been up to lately, but before I brag about my cool weekend and not so cool weekend, I need to vent about my wanker of a colleague. I'd very happily grab him by his spiky hair and drag him into the loo, plunge his stupid head in the toilet bowl and flush enthusiastically until the flush breaks like it always does in nightclubs at 3 o'clock in the morning when you need to pee the most because you've been drinking way too much for the last 4 hours.

I'm obviously crossed, but I am mostly annoyed at myself for not standing up to his rudeness and stupidity and basically being a coward. He's a half-witted prick. At prick in the dictionary, the definition will be refer back to his sad pathetic name.

What happened you must wonder? Well, see I'm dealing with a a-hole but he's fond of me, I'm possibly his best friend in the company and I see him as an ally most of the time, mostly because people like me better than him and it makes me feel good (you must think I'm not very nice). Anyway, because I'm his 'best friend' I don't dare to tell him off 'cos it's nice to be looked up to, but at the same time he pisses me off because he's a bitch (sorry, that's an insult to all bitches out there), he's the Queen of Bitches with a capital B.

I work my neurons off, and I love it, I love the pat on the back when I do my work well and the recognition for my hard work, the acknowledgement for a succesul project, no matter how small and the praise for something extra-ordinary and I don't mind if my sorry life is ruled by my work as long as I get my fix out of it.

If I love all the above, in contrast, I DESPISE it when my credits are being taken away from me, when someone fails to recognise my effort, praise my outstanding achievements or ignore my contribution. All of these are source of tears when it comes from above (Boss and Love ones) and source of hatered when it comes from below (insignificant colleagues and a-holes in general).

So what happened is that I did something awesome at work, I managed to get in touch with the buyer for a new account, all on my own initiative and I prepared a presentation and drafted a proposal with the guidance of my boss and now it's fingers crossed we get the deal. Martin will later be in charge of the account, but account management would not really matter if you don't get the account to manage in the first place. So it's a huge deal for me and my boss is proud of me for it, but I won't get any credit/recognition/praise until we conclude the deal, which is fair enough. What pissed me off tonight is the prick was asking Martin about it, and Martin asked me, so I responded to the prick and he ignored me saying 'I'm talking to Martin'. I was so shocked I could not think of anything to say. So I finished off my emails, it was 5 o'clock and my car being at the workshop I had to run off to catch my train.

So now, here I am entertaining fantasies of drowning the prick in the loo. He already pissed me off many, many times, but like I said above I am a coward and don't know how to break it to him that I don't actually like him. When we started out I didn't like him and forced myself to be nice because I thought if we're friends surely he'll respect me and my work, obviously a year later that did not work, so not going to be a nice girl anymore - not to him. Because I'm still a coward and won't confront him, I'll just be too busy from now on to help him with anything and walk out for lunch with him. Afterall, I now get along with all the girls (including the Queen Bee!!!) and there is a lot more shoe-obsessed, chitty-chatty girls as opposed to one major dickhead (thankfully!).

If you can think of any other way to let go of my wrath, I'm opened to suggestions.


Kitem said...

J'en etais sure que ce petit c.n t'embeterait a nouveau, il a tout de suite commence comme ca, et tu vois, il continue sans plus se poser de question, c'est un mec, et il est jeune, il ne se rend meme pas compte de ce qu'il dit. Donc comme il ne sait pas ce qu'il raconte, le mieux serait de lui expliquer ce que tu fais, mais ca, c'est plus facile a dire qu'a faire.
Deja demain ca ira mieux et venge toi plus tard, tu trouveras bien une opportunite pour lui rendre la monnaie de sa piece, ah ca donne de sales conseils comme ca une mere, ben dis donc, elle a ete elevee ou celle la? (la vengeance au lieu du pardon)

La Cremiere said...

Ignoring him is my vengeance, when he realises that he's alienated his only friend. You're a great mom you understand my upset. Love you!

Jeannie said...

the important thing is to come out the winner. You have been nice and that has put you in a particular place. Now you keep your goodies to yourself - do not be afraid to tell your boss when you have done something good. Do not let someone else take credit first. Be matter of fact. This is what men do. It appears to be bragging to women but it is just marketing and you know all about marketing. Don't let anyone steal your glory.

Kitem said...

Jeannie is absolutly right, follow her advice, she's really good.