Friday, May 11, 2007


There I am rested, invigorated and slightly tanned from our three days get-away to Barcelona.

On the roof top of the Casa Batllo

I loved it. It was possibly the best place I've ever been to, and come on that says a lot cos I've lived three years in the city of lights Paris and two years in London. I just loved everything about Barcelona, the narrow streets, the building facades decorated tastefully, the little balconies overflowing with green plants and flower bushes, the cathedrals, the parks, the beach front, the restaurants, the tapas bar, the Gaudi architecture, the people, the language (I practiced my Spanish), the sunshine, the high streets and the shops. I think that covers it all.

On the Roof Top of the Casa Mila, one of Gaudi's buildings

On a tower on top of the Sagrada Familia (about 170 meters)

In front of the famous facade of the Sagrada Familia

When we arrived, we walked around the high street and had our first tapas dinner with sangria. Then on our first day, we stuck to the guide book and visited the Gaudi Houses and the Sagrada Familia, I knew the cathedrale was unfinished, but I did not expect it to be roofless and only the facades being ready!!! We went up the towers and walked up and down stairs on all four towers until I realised that I had vertigo and started feeling sick and scared. In the afternoon we went up the hill North of Barcelona to the park Guell, which we truly enjoyed with its funny Gaudi style terraces. We had a very posh dinner at the 4Gats with wine and fine food and exclusive service. We loved it

A typical facade of the loveliest streets in the world

On the second day, we visited the old cathedrale were our hotel was located, we walked along all the narrow streets to the harbour and accross the town to the beach front where we had an ice cream looking at the sea. We did a bit of shopping in the evening before getting ready to meet Cristina for dinner. Being a local, she chose the trendiest place where people, personalities, locals and expats go, we had a very fun-tastic feast of tapas and gossiped about work and made plans for our next holiday in that amazing place.

In the cloister of the Barcelona Cathedrale next to our hotel.


Hammer said...

Beautiful place. My wife and I will probably do a Europe trip when the kids are older. I'll add that to my list of places to visit.

tweetey29 said...

I just want to meet you some day. Hopefully before my girls get to old. Before they become unfriendly.LOL... They are cuddly and loving now as young kids. But was teenagers I have no idea how they will be. You have such wonderful travels.

Kitem said...

Next month, my turn! nanananère. Je suis contente que vous ayez passe un bon week end. Dommage que tu ne puisses pas venir en France à la fin du mois.

La Cremiere said...

Hammer, I don't know how you want to plan your tour of Europe, but you definitely need to slot in Barcelona in your top 3 or 4!

Tweetey, some day, never know and if you keep being a cool mom then your girls will always be lovely even as teens.

Kitem, it's only reported to August or September...

tweetey29 said...

I try to be a cool mom. Its hard sometimes though. Just wait till its your turn someday if you decide that is what you two want. LOL...

Alex said...

I absolutely agree with you about Barcelona, it is really lovely city. I visited a lot of cities around the world, but most of all I liked Barcelona . I visited twice and really enjoyed this wonderful city. Even after two visits I still have plenty more to see - stayed tuned for visit number three! I still have to meet the first person that has visited Barcelona and has not fallen in love with this city. Without a doubt this is the greatest place (with people in it) that I have visited so far.