Friday, April 20, 2007

All the things that made me smile TODAY

  • I chatted for 10 minutes with Yen Ping from Malaysia before hitting the road.
  • I had to drive through the countryside borded by fields of yellow flowers and green hills in the distance.
  • A man said I looked pretty and that I'd make a more interesting photo than the display stand I was photographying for work.
  • I chatted with Martin many times and had fun conversations, which suggests that he was not angry at me but was probably just having a bad week.
  • I heard again that nice & groovy rap song that I like so much but still could not get the name of the band.
  • I saw an old man struggling to climb up many stairs and felt shy to go and help him for a split second and told myself don't be silly, so I bounced up the few steps and helped him all the way, he was very pleased and we chatted for a while about the weather and the holidays and that he was born on Christmas day.
  • Alex traded the tickets for James from Thursday to Friday next week, so I won't miss the gig when I'm in Dublin.
  • When I stopped for lunch, I was surrounded by young families with toddlers and I watched as one kid started crying and 7 others started crying in harmony.

  • I saw a pretty tree in bloom and the wind blow away the fine pink petals.

  • I found a great pair of much needed black shoes for work and they were half price.

  • I heard my latest favorite song 'dreaming of you' by the Corals
  • I saw a yummy mommy with ginger hair goo-goo-gaga-ing her baby in his stroller
  • I saw a good looking man check me out; and he blushed when he noticed I saw him
  • I saw a grandpa seating on a bench across the river with 4 grand children playing around him.
  • The car mechanic next street agreed to fix my car for half the price that I was originally quoted by a recommended garage.
  • I am home early, kicked off my shoes, made a cup of tea and will now lounge in my pillows and resume playing Final Fantasy XII.


Hammer said...

Sounds like a great day. It's refreshing to hear something nice on a blog :)

Jeannie said...

Good stuff!
I only get checked out by guys in their 60's an 70's now. Ewwww!

SME said...

It's so cool that 8 crying kids could make you smile! ;)

Kitem said...

Il a de la chance le grand'pa avec ses 4 petits enfants.
La journee est belle parce que c'est tout simplement toi qui est belle de l'interieur.

La Cremiere said...

Hi Hammer - Thanks. I'm glad I've got 'it' back, when you found me I had lost 'it' my ability to be happy over little nothings.

Hi Jeannie - Ewww!!! That's weird, mind you, my grandma brought me up saying that as long as someone, anyone checks you out, means that you are desirable.

Hi SME - Yeah, it's because they're not mine!

Coucou Kitem - un de ses petits enfants etait ds une chaise roulante, c'est dommage. Et il avait l'air fatigue! :) Mais c'etait une belle image quand meme.