Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oleron Island

On August 31st I was off to my holiday back home. Kitem and Mr Garden picked me up from La Rochelle at 9pm and by bedtime we were in an Atlantic piece of paradise, Oleron Island. I think it is awesome to wake up to hear the waves rolling and smell the fresh sea air and have a croissant breakfast feet in the sand; with mom, dad and Mamie Ese and her infectuous chirpiness. I stayed bare feet for the whole four days, occasionally wearing them to go to the market and when Mamie Ese took us out for dinner at the creperie (pancake).

The programme was great. Wake up anytime, have breakfast, go for a long walk on the beach, have a lunch fit for kings, spent the afternoon on the beach, have dinner, sleep.

Up the sand dune that separates us from the ocean.

The Lighthouse, Chassiron, is at the most western tip of the island
During one of the many walks on the beach
Mamie Ese and Kitem sharing a silly joke while making a plum pie for lunch.

During another long walk along the beach

Collecting stones with wholes for a very specific purpose I won't reveal yet.
Posing with the catamarans. Looks like a magazine picture.


Kitem said...

Moi aussi j'ai mis cette photo avec les catamarans, je l'aime beaucoup, sur d'autres photos, on dirait que j'ai besoin de perdre 4 ou 5 kilogs, c'est dur. Je suis contente que tu aies passe du bon temps dans l'île, j'espere que ces bons moments reviendront souvent dans notre vie. I am happy that you had a good time with us in Ile d'Oleron sweet memories, to be done again.

tweetey30 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I wish I had that connection with my mom. My dad I have but for some reason my mom and I dont have that happy connection when they are here. Its a sad bit but hey you do what you have to do.

Tifenn said...

Mon anglais est tellement mauvais...c'est drôle de voir l'autre vie de Kitem...par La Crémière...merci de ta visite et de ton commentaire!

benoit said...

oh gosh! I know this place, but I don't remember where is it! ;D
Hope that everything is alright for you! (anyway it looks like!)

kisses from Romania!