Saturday, October 27, 2007

Who is the shittiest of them all?

In this age governed by modern economy, where businesses aim at customer satisfaction and compete to be the best in their field, I am always stunned to see that some of the world giants in turns of company size and revenue compete at providing no customer service and at who is the shittiest of them all?

Our first participant is never on time; they will make you wait on the runway for an hour so you cannot use the loo and miss connecting flights/appointments, they will loose your bag at least once; and when you check in your very fragile package because you cannot take it onboard it is against their new security policy, well you can be sure that it will arrive wrecked and soaking wet; they will not apologise for doing so as it isn't their fault they are so incompetent; (possibly their parents'?) They are British Airways!

Our second participant is another airline; they will delay your flight for two hours followed by 20 minutes more, followed by 20 minutes more, followed by another 20 minutes (Note that if a plane is delayed more than two hours the company must buy you dinner, by splitting three hours that way, they are saving themselves quite a bit of money); they will not compensate you in any fashion, they will not put you in the other flight that is leaving to the same destination; the customer service will close in front of you, next, in a long line because she finished her shift and won't be replaced by anyone, you will not be informed by anyone except the flight information TV flashing orange on the black screen "now departing 22.20", then "now departing 22.40", (you get the picture). Once in the plane they tell you you're going to be served dinner as a compensation but when the food trolley comes, you realise that you need to pay for your food. They are Scandinavian Airways!

The last one is a UK retail, (I won't divulge the name because they are a customer of ours). they advertise that they have an excellent customer service in store and great prices (#COUGHBULLOCKSCOUGH#); but they do have a great range and are very conveniently located so I do shop there; I have never got any help from anyone; I have spent a lot of time in their stores going "excuse me" "Can I get some help please" "Can you spare me a minute" "I have a question" and be ignored dramatically, leaving everytime without my purchase because after standing around like an idiot trying to buy something, I thought I'd have the time to find the same item from another more helpful store and possibly at a cheaper price. Needless to say they are not doing very well.

This competition is open, you may submit new candidates.


Hammer said...

This is a global phenomenon.

Out airlines and Retail big ticket stores like Best buy and Circuit city are just as bad.

I wish everyone would boycott these these companies. It's like we are almost forced to pay for crap service.

Jeannie said...

We once had an airline move a flight AHEAD by an hour without notice so we almost missed our flight - as it was we had to literally run across the Las Vegas airport to catch it - our bags were left behind for the next flight - and they expected us to wait 6 hours at the other end to collect our bags and drive the 3 hours home. They claim they sent us an email (but we were on holiday and never thought to check anyway) plus - they didn't send the email until AFTER we were already home. They did send our luggage to our house after quite a battle.

People don't seem to care any more about service. They just accept bad treatment. It's shameful. In order to compete on price - which is important to everyone because we can't afford our lifestyles - companies have to cut service. You notice the rich people who shell out the big bucks get great service.

tweetey30 said...

I have never been on an airplane. Now I really dont know if I want to.

Kitem said...

AIR FRANCE in my opinion is the worst, can't compete against Air France, it's not possible to do worse. Now they are on strike, taking their passenger as hostages. Ask for more money, neither have enough.
On the retail side, Monsieur Bricolage has the monopole of DIY in our small town, and it's not possible to get any advice from them.
Apparently Go sport is not any better.

SME said...

My nominee is an easy one: Wal-Mart. Why does the store chain with the largest customers have the narrowest aisles?

With smaller airlines (like WestJet here in Canada) you don't get the choice and the creature comforts, but you do get prompt, quality service with a smile. I suppose that will all change for the worse as they get bigger, sadly.

The Zombieslayer said...

Home Depot. Worst customer service of any store I've ever been in. I now have nothing to do with them. I'd rather pay 10% elsewhere to get decent service.