Sunday, April 13, 2008

Itchy feet or all that it seems, it isn't...

My dearest favorite reader That Girl - okay, you're all my favorite readers -Colosseum, Rome, Italy made a very clever comment on my last post; the kind of comment that make one introspect oneself - hahaha, I sound like a freaking professor in just two words... really, I do love travelling, it is one interest Alex and I share and we make sure we go somewhere new and exciting at least every year if not twice a year. We want to make the most of it now that we haven't a little one to limit our adventures. So that's 2 new destinations a year. Of course Alex being Malaysian means we get to go home every year to see his parents and my brother and nephews for Chinese New Year.

Pankgor Island, Malaysia With my brother, sister-in-law and nephews in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

And because I am French and just a short flight away from home means that we get to either go to my grandma' s place by the seaside with long walks on the beach and long lunches or to my parents' summer home near the famous Provence, with its cricket songs, never ending dinners and lazy afternoons and of course the Christmas reunion back to my home town where all the family resides. So that's already 4 more ensured destinations a year, which wouldn't stop when we have a little one in tow.
Ile d'Oleron, France Dans les gorges de l'Ardeche, Labastide de Virac, France
Plus there might be a quick local getaway visiting beautiful English towns like Bath or Oxford, both 2 to 3 hours drive away. When Alex parents come and visit, we'll take them to Cambridge where my mother in law has got an old friend. (Cambridge is also whThe London Eye, Millenium Bridge and Big Ben and The House of Parlimant, London, UKere I learned to speak English in the summer of 1993, although my English really took off in Malaysia in 1994 because I had to pick it up real quick if I wanted to communicate with my friends.) Then I am also very blessed because my job takes me places every year, with the Kick Off meetings in January that take us to gorgeous cities all over Europe and our more secluded sales conference in April where our team meets up for training and the incentive to do a good job for the year. This year, the meeting is next week, on Sunday in a week I will be flying with my colleagues to the fantastic and one and only Reykavik in Iceland, with apparently straight from the airport to the Blue Lagoon. So that brings up my travels to really 5 new destinations and 4 usual destinations, although still exotic to some extend.

So I travel all the time indeed but most of all, why I report it is because I want to share my adventures with anyone who might not get a chance to go, so they still get to discover the place through my eyes and stories, but mostly because I think that this is what makes me interesting, I am convinced that what I do defines me, not who I am, so all the extra-ordinary things I do, I know make me interesting. I don't think I'd be very interesting, I like quiet things, I play quiet games, I work quietly, I take pride in being quiet too. One, because I Acting silly to make people laugh, my favorite past time along with travelling, here entertaining the Italians in Madridwant to be left alone most of the time and two, because if I make a mistake, no one will think it's me and three, when I do/say something silly, which I love, it stands out drastically against my more obvious personality. I love to make people laugh, but it depends who I am with, and with the right people, I will make them laugh and people will remember me being good fun. But I am also a normal person with fears of rejection and my greatest fear is people being disappointed in me / or not liking me, even the people I don't like, I must get their approval (it's mad I know!). Anyhow, these latter things that make me who I am, I can't put on the blog... because of the many different people who may or may not read my blog, so all that's left that I can safely talk about is what I do and travelling is what I do best. ;)


tshsmom said...

Keep sharing, I LOVE it!

Jeannie said...

I totally enjoy your travels - I know I definitely won't get to most of the places you have so it's nice to hear your experience.

tweetey30 said...

Yes me too. Jeff and I want to get passports in the next few years and travel with the girls. We want to go visit your mother and father and then of course I want to come visit you too but have to know when its a good time since you are away alot with work and such.. Have fun on your next journey and please do keep sharing with us. I love hearing about them.

SME said...

You guys are truly blessed to have so many fantastic, varied destinations! I just returned from my first trip overseas (yes, I'm a late bloomer...), to Taiwan, and I think I've got "The Bug" now. Next year: Germany.
It's always a pleasure to see your travel photos and stories...keep 'em coming!

The Zombieslayer said...

Wow. One thing I envy Europeans in is that you're so close to different countries. You hop on a train and you're in a different culture, a different language. You're separated from home by a ferry ride.

That second picture, I didn't see the bird until I blew it up. I was thinking it was a beautiful beach shot. Too funny.

I love reading about your travels and especially like it when you include pictures.

And since you told your greatest fear, I'll tell you mine - heights.