Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Season

Summer, not only is the season for music festivals but also for weddings. I am quite blessed this summer because I have had two weddings! Since Julien & Anna and after old friends Joe & Olivia and Thuan Aun & Yanna and Benjamin & Emma, I never seemed to be in the right place at the right time and missed all my other friends' weddings, all of which Alex had to attend on his own. It's a shame really, everyone loves a wedding.

So first there was Dan & Vicky, Dan is a good friend and a wonderful person to work with, he's always happy and he can read my thoughts, I give him a vague indication of what I want or need and he comes up with something absolutely extraordinary which could not be more spot on, plus, I seem to be whinging to him all the time but he always happily humours me and cheers me up - well I must admit that when customers start demanding designs for yesterday, I start to stress out, so everytime I come to Dan, I am stressed but he has the right words to help me relax. Vicky, his lovely wife, also a designer, I've only met her on two occasions to go out drinking, and like two drunks usually do, we got on marvellously.

This wedding was shortly followed by good friend, whom you all know from the 'conference' photos, Beth! The thriller-seeker blond beauty has become Mrs. Warman this Friday when tying the knot with school sweetheart Ben. Well, not really, Ben was the older brother of her best friend since forever, so now the two best friends get to also be sisters in law.

Beth was spot on with everything, this wedding was absolutely perfect, her dress, her hair, the bridesmaid dresses and bestmen' attires, the venue, the music with a live band and a DJ, the cake, even the wedding invitations and thank you cards that she made all on her own and the BBQ dinner!

Alex with Alison and her partner Nick, both awesome fun. Sarah (who caught the bouquet), Emma (who's boyfriend said 'Thank God' when she didn't) me, Tracy (who still isn't married to her partner and father of her child after 20-odd years), Danny (who is planning a wedding for next year) and Sarah (who's already happily married like me).

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tweetey30 said...

Weddings are fun but Jeff refuses to go to them because he thinks you need to dress up for them.. LOL.. Silly Jeffrey.. Oh well. Sounds like a blast though. One question do you have any recent photo's of yourself showing that pretty pregnant belly yet?? LOL...