Friday, February 06, 2009

Smiles, Snow and Only You

The sweetest and cutest little girl in the World. She is so alert since day one and so very easy. It was a bit of work in the first week but it's been better and easier by the day ever since. She eats well, she sleeps well, she smiles, she communicates very clearly her every need without crying.

La plus jolie et la plus mignonne, je ne me lasse pas de lui dire et de la caliner. La premiere semaine a ete difficile a cause du manque de sommeil et les tetees continuelles, mais des la deuxieme semaine, les choses se sont arrangees tres rapidement, elle mange bien, dort bien, exprime tres clairement tous ses besoins et donc pleure tres rarement.

She likes everyone and although she smiled since day one for the last few days she geniunely smiles at people, songs or kisses. She's just lovely.
Elle aime tout le monde, elle est tres facile et bien qu'elle nous fasse des sourires depuis sa naissance, elle les fait intentionellement depuis quelques jours ce qui est fantastique.
We had a snow day on Monday, the whole of London was at a halt so Daddy was home and we all went out to play in the snow and for a long walk along the river.
On a eu de la neige lundi, tout etait arrete et donc Daddy etait a la maison, on en a profite pour jouer dans la neige et faire une longue promenade le long de la Tamise bordee de blanc.
She can be grouchy in the evening, too tired to eat, too tired to sleep and I was bored singing her the lullaby from the movie Mary Poppins and started singing Only You, which always works wonders, I thought it was an Elvis song (although it is The Platters) and so I uploaded my Elvis album on itunes and play it to her, she loves it.
Elle peut etre ronchon le soir avant le coucher, trop fatiguee pour manger ou dormir. Dans ces moments la, je lui chante Only You, dans le meme style je lui joue Elvis et elle aime beaucoup aussi.
Sleeping on her tummy amongst all her little girlfriends. She is the youngest and the tiniest. Those lovely little girls are the daughters from my antenatal group. We were six couples all 8 to 9 months pregnant when we met and stayed friends, now all our bumps are little babies, 5 girls and 1 boy, unfortunately little Jack could not be there. Love them all to bits and we all hope to stay friends forever so our daughters can say they've been friends since bump days.
Endormie sur le ventre au milieu de ses petites copines, toutes nees entre le 8 decembre et le 9 janvier, les mamans sont devenues copines apres le cours antenatal qu'on a pris fin Novembre pour nous preparer a l'accouchement et a l'arrivee de nos bebes. On espere toute rester copine a vie pour que nos 5 filles puissent dire qu'elles etaient copines depuis le ventre.


Jeannie said...

She's beautiful. My twins, when they were tiny, would fret in the evening and wouldn't settle - finally, in desperation, I just put them to bed and they went right to sleep. Huh.

lisenn said...

Halala les premiers jours... enfin nous ce n'est pas fini, mademoiselle aime rouspéter...
Mais les sourires... quel bonheur !
C'est fou ce que cela passe vite !

tshsmom said...

What a beautiful smile!!
Thanks for posting the pictures!
I'm happy that you're enjoying every moment of Gabrielle's babyhood! Before you know it, she'll be all grown up, but you'll still have beautiful memories.

You got quite a bit of snow. You still have a ways to go before you catch up with us though. ;)

tweetey30 said...

AWW she is beautiful. Do you mind if I take a few of these for my computer?? I have the one you posted when you first had her??? I am so happy to see you both so happy. Esp that Daddy of her's.. LOL.. Memories are precious keep them safe. N..

SME said...

She is so lovely, and so smiley!

Tifenn said...

Oh, c'est jooli, j'aime beaucoup et a vie et l'idée que tu te fais pour elle...

That girl said...

Gabrielle is beautiful, I'm so happy for you! You have a gorgeous family!