Saturday, January 22, 2011

2nd birthday

Two years old already... where did time go? Well I guess the first nine months went in playing all day long and not sleeping all night long and meeting little girlfriends while eating cakes and drinking tea and laughing and loving wholeheartedly. Then I went back to work, and there was a whole lot less cake n tea parties and not a lot more sleep, but a lot more fun yet with first steps and first words and other kinds of first times. Anyway, we got there soon enough - 2 years old.

Since we have the most beautiful place in the world - I decided to throw a proper party, complete with gift bags for little guests, finger food, beer and wine for grown-ups and juice for the pregnant moms. Of course, I over estimated everything and invited more people than I could possibly cope with - but somehow wonderously managed to!

We had her three little friends from birth, Matilda, Emma and Libby, with their moms and dads as well as friends from nursery, Amelia, Billy, James, Marleigh and Oliver with their moms and dads. Unfortunately, Byelle felt a bit overwhelmed with the crowd though and clingged on to mom or dad throughout the afternoon, until it was just her three bestfriends left, upon which she had a great time dancing and singing and playing!

Gabrielle was quite spoiled with lots of toys and books and jigsaws but I guess her favourite moment was dancing along 'ring a ring of roses' with Emma, Libby and Matilda or jumping on the bed with James and Amelia!


Libellule said...

looks like a great party! congratulations:) what fun it must have been to organize it all and to see her finally with all her closest buddies having a great time!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Ahhh, what memories. I did the same thing when my daughter turned 2. After it was all over she and I both crashed for a well-deserved nap. Hope you took plenty of pictures to remember it by. Each birthday will be unique in its own way.

by Kitem said...

Je n'avais pas vu ton post avant de partir en Thailande, quelle bonne surprise a mon retour! tres jolies photos d'un merveilleux anniversaire que je suis bien triste d'avoir manque. mais tout va bien, et je suis heureuse de voir Gabrielle heureuse.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

It's nice to see that you're getting back into it :)

It's Michelle here Helene, from "That girl" and "Once upon a time"

I too, have recently started another blog haha...let's see how this goes again, shall we?

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

tweetey30 said...

Wow still cant believe shes two.. Where has time went but again I keep asking my self where have the last ten went. Kora turned 10 Jan 13th.. Bri will be seven in June already.. Yikes..

John McElveen said...

I LOVE Family pics and stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great stuff!


LOL-- Word verification was : KRATE. Not that you'll be needing one for children--LOL!