Monday, March 14, 2011

Sawadika Part One - Ao Nang

The Cliffs Hotel, Ao NangAfter a not too tearful goodbye kiss with our toddler, we head out to Thailand. A couple of hours later and we land in Krabi, and it's about to rain. This does not dampen our spirits, we check in our jungle room and immediately hunt for a typical not touristic restaurant for some authentic tom yum soup and pad tai before heading to the beach but the tropical rain gets heavier so we head back to the room to try out our fabulous outdoor bathroom and shower.
tom yum & pad tai Outdoor Bathroom at The Cliffs Hotel, Ao NangBefore heading down to the spa we booked, we sipped some cocktails looking at the mist raising against the cliffs backdrop. The rain has stopped so we walk to the beach but it s dark before we get there.

The spa was to die for - 90 minutes of bliss Thai and foot massage in a dreamy surrounding.
The Spa at The Spa Resort, Ao Nang Massage OilsFor dinner we want seafood, we don't have to look very far for a broad selection of restaurants. We have steamed curry crabs and BBQ squid, tiger prawns and barracuda- scrumptious comes to mind.
Seafood spreadAfter a short digestive walk through the hundreds of roadside stalls and shops selling among other things penis shaped artifacts (?!?) we ended up in the Coconut bar near our hotel - self proclaimed- number one bar in ao nang listening to the live band, drinking chang beer and watching the fire show performed by the twenty something barmen, waiters and band members! The ambience was amazing and I reckon it must indeed have been the number one bar in ao nang.

Day two - before making our way to koh phi phi

The sun is shining through the roman blinds into the room, the deafening song of secadas prevailing, cutlery clatters on the terrace outside our room, breakfast is being served. We lazily wake up and step outside on the patio where our fry up and coffee await. After a quick shower we head to the pool - soaking and swimming sipping watermelon juice and enjoy the cliff sights surrounding.
Sunny Cliffs It doesn't get better than this...


by Kitem said...

wow wow wow, i'm so happy you enjoyed every moment of these first days.
It looks fabulous, enchanting surroundings. Glad you had such an experience1

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sounds like a blissful tropical vacation. I remember how deafening the cicadas can be from living in Texas. Yelling "shut up" really loud stops them for a few seconds, but then they resume the noise. Oh well. :-)

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Libellule said...

so wonderful to see you back! I thought that you had left blogosphere!

what AMAZING photos, and quelle expérience paradisiaque! tout a l'air bien pour toi et j'en suis heureuse! keep in touch!

John McElveen said...

AWESOME--I don't know where my pst went!


tweetey30 said...

wow i have missed your adventures on here.. i miss hearing from the two of you.. hope you have more in store for us.. thanks for sharing.