Sunday, July 09, 2006

Divine Comedy

Gorgeous London: London Eye, the Thames, Westminster, Big Ben

On the way to Somerset House, a grasp of the gorgeous views of London. If you ever only have two minutes to visit London, you just come to the London Bridge and you see the best of the capital.

I thought I would never have the opportunity to see the Divine Comedy live. They were awesome!I have a long love story with them. Not only because of their sometimes beautiful love songs but also because of the hilarious sexy lyrics of their other tracks.

I remember the very first time I ever heard the voice of Neil Hannon, it was a cold autumn day in Cardiff (mind you Alex' room was always cold because of the broken window letting in the cold welsh weather). It was a Sunday morning, on BBC Radio 1 and Alex and I were under the blanket; The violin caught my attention at first and later the funny yet deeply romantic lyrics:
"every body knows that I love you;
every body knows that I need you;
every body knows that I do...
except you."
I was leaving back to Paris a few hours later. Back then everytime I left; I never knew if I'd see Alex again.A few weeks later, I was back in Cardiff again, and Alex had bought me the album "A short story about love". That was the first present I ever got from Alex.

The Divine Comedy performing Don't want to die a virgin They played their new songs and some very cool songs from previous albums, like "my name is Alfie", "If you were" and of course, an old favourite "Charge". I made a video for my mom who also shares some happy memories of the Bang Bang song. For those who have not heard the song, it is about a war between the English and the French; with cannons on the right and cannons on the left that go bang bang bang all night long, and the British soldier that shouts "Charge!". My mom and I loved to sing the song very on the top of our voices in the swimming pool in Penang.

I highly recommend their latest album "Victory for the comic muse" which contains funny track "(I don't want) to die a virgin" and a song for all mothers in the world to let them know how much we love them and appreciate their love and devotion on a chirpy tune "Mother Dear". The concert had excellent review in the next newspapers, they are touring this autumn, I'm gonna go again.

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Kayfer Kettle said...

Hello Helene,

Found you on a random run through the blogs, and am so glad I did!

Isn't Somerset House the most wonderful place to see a gig?

I was very lucky to catch Doves there last year. It was a beautiful summer evening, and it was the most magical setting I've seen a band play in.

Birds flying over as the sun went down, great music and a gorgeous place to be.

I am really glad to have come across a person that has enjoyed a favourite there too.