Sunday, July 23, 2006

Eugenie's 30th

Eugenie at 3, in the dunes of Oleron Island

I've somehow always managed to stay close to Eugenie in spite of the distance separating us. She's a very cool cousin to have. So I was delighted to be able to make it to her birthday party.

The photo on the bottle of Champagne is her at the age of 3 (and today 30); she was always a bit of a tomboy, and at a younger age whe would rahter side with my brother to torture me. Thankfully I have no recollection of that; only her bragging about it.

On the phone is Eugenie with Lise and Marie

From summer parties in Oleron island, I knew her other cousins Rodolphe and Stephanie; and some of her teacher friends, not that strangers would have stopped me from having a good time, but it was lovely seeing old party buddies again.

The party was supposed to be "kitsch"; obviously Alex and I did not have anything in our small suitcase fitting the party motto. So we were judge of the contest instead. The contenders were to dance on a very silly song in their beautiful costumes. Eugenie won, her wig making her look 50 and orange top with pink leggings did the trick. Rodolphe did not have too much competition, but he looked good in those brown pants and orange stripped shirts. Lise also had a very kitsch dress, I would not even use it if it was kitchen rags; but she did put up a great dance performance.

Kitsch competition winner Eugenie with her kitsch prize; Rodolphe was voted best kitsch male and Lise won for best performer.

We then danced the night away on Eugenie's favourite tracks. She had prepared 11 cds for the party. The selection included her old-time favourite Jean-Jacques Goldman and Toto and even some songs from our 'terroirs'. That was another great party with cousine Eugenie. Next year I'll make it a date to meet her in Oleron Island for another one.

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