Monday, July 10, 2006

Football fever is over

I guess at a time like this everyone has got something to say about the World Cup.
Not only was the game providing hours of entertainment, it was also great for bonding with friends and colleagues. It provides hours of conversation, teasing, analysing, showing off and excitement.

Getting serious

The office had two bets, a local UK office one (organised by Martin) and a European one (organised by Germany' general manager Winfried). The UK one involved placing all predictions before the world cup started. I asked Alex to help me, as my knowledge was limited. He took this task very seriously and taught me a valuable lesson: you can love and cheer with your heart and faith, or you can trust and follow your head if you want to take it seriously. (Actually that's kind of the story of my life.)

Italy Versus France

So there I was, with my head (and purse) on Italy, and with France in my heart. I thought, whatever happens I win. If Italy won, I would have had the most accurate predictions for the world cup, if France won; it would have been my pride and patriotism that would have won. However, when came the penalties, I felt very scared and stressed, and France did not win. I was very sad and disappointed. I did not feel like a winner at all. I wish I had been wrong and would have rather lost the bet.

A valuable lesson

In almost every life situation we have to choose between our head or our heart, between wisdom and passion. They rarely come hand in hand. (This experience does not apply to me moving to England, because that's one project that both my head and heart agreed on).

You can either be happy to have have been wise, resonable and smart or happy because you have followed your heart, been true to your feelings, tried to reach your dreams. Head or heart, which do you live by?

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