Monday, November 06, 2006

Dinner at Jamie and Seema's

I still cannot make updates from home, but here are the updates of the weekend.

On Friday night i drove to St Albans after work, I expected bad traffic but by 6 O'clock i was parking up their house, so i played with little Jaya. She's such a lovely child and eats very well. For her dinner she had pasta, french beans and tofu and ate it all. The weather was very cold so when Alex arrived at the station, Jamie and I picked him up and later, when Julie, Natasha and Ian arrived at the station I drove out to pick them up, Dan drove himself and arrived later. Seema had prepared a Spanish dinner which was lovely and after dinner we had another round of Cranium. This game is just so much fun, this time, we played girls against boys, the boys won but not by much and in our defence Julie was not well so she did not play, I surprised myself to be fairly good at humming since the girls guessed the songs and at play-dough since Seema recognised the Wembley stadium. The evening finished late and I drove the 55 miles back home, with a small detour to Wimbledon to drop off Ian and Natasha. It was very much fun and I will have to organise a dinner party to return the invite, I might have to invest in Cranium since it is the fun highlight of dinner parties.

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Kitem said...

Coucou, Ca a l'air super ce jeu, tu crois qu'on peut en acheter un en France? C'est toujours dommage quand tu ne peux pas inserer une photo avec le blog, c'est plus vivant, avec la photo.