Friday, November 10, 2006

Favorite Albums

I've been saving this post for when my home broadband was fixed and it is since last night but I still can't upload pictures into my blog, it freezes my connection. So on Friday I was up and early in the office and will use this time to upload the pictures for this post.

A couple of weeks ago, Channel 4 presented the top 100 best music album ever. Alex and I both did our top 10 favorite albums separatly, it was personal we were not trying to guess what the program's top 10 was. Incidentally Alex top 10 had 5 albums in common with their top 10, including the No.1 ever favorite Radiohead OK Computer, and all his 10 albums were in the list. Alex never ceased to amaze me with my taste and knowledge in music.

In my case only 3 of my favorite albums featured in the list, I never thought I had indie taste, but I do love the road less travelled. I struggled putting together a list of 10 favorite albums, there are albums that I loved and listened to over and over again.

At number 10, there is a whole list of album pushing to make the list including Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Fever to Tell), Mew (Frengers), Beastie Boys (Licensed to Ill), Primal Scream (Screamadelica), and more albums by the same artists in the top 9, and after careful consideration (eenie, meenie, minie, mo)...

10. Divine Comedy - Casanova
9. Coldplay - Parachutes
8. Depeche Mode - Songs of faith and Devotion (the first concert I went to)
7. Siouxsie and The Banshees - Peep Show
6. The Cure - Starring at the Sea
5. Gene - Drawn to the Deep End
4. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
3. Muse - Absolution
2. The Strokes - Rooms on Fire
And my favorite of the moment
1. Interpol - Antics

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Kitem said...

Je suis surprise, tu mentionnes, "the road less travelled" c'est le titre d'un album? pcq c'est aussi le titre d'un livre, je l'ai même mis dans mes livres preferés, c'est dire comme c'est un livre important (pour moi), c'est un livre qui parle de se decouvrir soi-même.
C'est quoi comme musique? de quel groupe? c'est vraiment bien?