Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Night

After work, I stocked up on chocolate bars in case my little South African neighbours came by 'trick or treat'ing. And that was a clever move because just a few minutes after I came home, I had seven little devils knocking at my door, a few three-apples tall witches and Flash Gordon, and a few more wizzards, I distributed my chocolate and said goodbye to the moms also dressed up as witches. I closed the door and walked to the kitchen, when I heard another knock, so I opened the door again, and it was a mom asking if I had seen her son, so I walked into the living room and there was little Flash Gordon cosily seating on the sofa eating his sweeties. That made me laugh so much, I can't imagine how surprised I'd have been if I had walked back into the living room not expecting anyone there. The mom was obviously very relieved and thankful... it still makes me laugh.


Kitem said...

Ah ca fait plaisir d'avoir des nouvelles.
Dis donc tu as eu un super bon week end!
Et ce petit bout, soooo cute, t'as pas demande à la mère de le garder pour toi, puisqu'il était deja installé?

sushi-junkie said...

lol.. that's so cute n funny :)
is that little Flash's actual pic? :D

Anonymous said...

That is funny. That little kid knew where the good stuff was!