Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Best Birthday

Another year, another digit, the clock keeps ticking... but hey, I sound like my boss!!! :P It's been an awesome 31 years so far and I lived so many experiences, visited so many countries, felt so many feeligns that I could be 60, so 31 is plenty young and I possibly have another 50-odd years to continue my journey of discoveries - world, culture, feelings, friends and experiences. My next big projects include:
  • Buying a home - big enough with a proper dining area to throw dinner parties
  • Starting a family - you'll hear plenty more about this when it happens
  • visiting Egypt; and
  • Japan; and
  • Mexico ; and also
  • San Fransisco and Arizona

My birthday this year was awesome; it was on Mother's day Sunday, on the Friday, Ron, called me into his office, to ask something silly about work, and after 3 minutes I wanted to go back to my desk, because this was truly wasting my time, so I went back to my desk only to find that the girls had decorated my desk with the traditional birthday card, bottle of champagne and photos on the wall and desk. They're so lovely (including Ron who was actually trying to by them time!)

Later on the Friday, I received lots of emails and text messages from Dani and Alison from SA; Dan (Blah Blah Blog) and Jay (Kill the Goat); even Alex friend' Justin remembered thanks to Facebook. In the evening, I went out with Sarah and Alison but we celebrated Alison's boyfriend Hywel's birthday.
On Saturday, I got to chat with the whole family in Malaysia and my dad opened a bottle of champagne, Anna baked my favorite chocolate cake and we all 'tchin-tchined' over MSN.
In the evening, we had invited all our friends who did not know each other, but as you would expect, everyone got along famously and we had a fantastic evening at the Nyonya restaurant in Notting Hill, where I got even more spoiled; Nadine gave me a fantastic grey scarf and matching necklace that I wore all week this week; Grit gave me a spa balm for hair, Orla gave me more spa treatment creams to pamper myself with and Seow Ling a book voucher that will buy the guide book for our next holiday - Edinburg. I also got a fantastic pair of shoes from Alex and a guide book from Sarah and Alison, 'Time Out London - for Londoners'. It made me proud, since they are the ones who helped me settle in England three years ago.

It wasn't over until Sunday, when I got phone calls from all the family, including my cousins, whose birthday I always forget, and even Rudiger, the EUMEA Marketing Manager from Germany remembered to text me his wishes.


Hammer said...

Happy birthday! Looks like an awesome time. :)

Boy this year went fast.

That girl said...

Happy birthday!! Damn it, you're younger than me...say it ain't so! have some big plans in your future, family, house, travel...

By the way, food for thought. San Fran is really only 12 hours drive and 2 short hour flight from Vancouver Canada...

I'm just sayin'.

Jeannie said...

Happy birthday!

tweetey30 said...

HAPPY Belated b-day. I was out of town all weekend long. Hope you had a good time. It sounds that way though. You said you wanted to go to Arizona. Wait a minute what about Wisconsin since you would be in the STATES???LOL..

tshsmom said...

You sure know how to stretch the celebration. ;)