Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Brie, The Bullet and The Black Cat

You have to read this blog post with a heavy French accent... To celebrate the New Year, Alex and I were invited by Alex' friend Grit and her husband Sean.... We met Grit and Sean in Heathrow before Christmas and they invited us to the dinner, a Murder Mystery party.... Grit told us this much and thus the story begins.(remember the French accent)

October 1942. You have been invited for dinner at the Official Residence of the Deputy Mayor of Casablanca. Morocco is a colony of France governed by the Vichy French regime. The guest of honour was to have been France's greatest living mime artist. He fails to arrive, he has been murdered.

I was Nicole Le Grandbutte, the hosts' daughter, 18, both snob and rebelious.
Alex was Otto Von Pinkelwurst, a fanatic gestapo officer.

The party included :

HUGHES LE GRANDBUTTE - Deputy Mayor of Casablanca
EDITH LE GRANDBUTTE - his wife, a former dancer
NICOLE LE GRANDBUTTE - their daughter
OTTO VON PINKELWURST - a Gestapo officer, fanatical and possibly mad.
KIRK RANSOM III - an American who runs Kirk's African Cafe in downtown Casablanca
COUNTESS BOGOV - an exiled Russian aristocrat
MONSIEUR OILY-CARTE - booking agent for the Moulin Bleu in Paris
PIERRE PAYANSKI - a 24 year old half-Russian poet
CHERIE BOOT - a French cabaret singer in her mid-20s
INGRID PITH - a Danish art dealer

I shall not tell you more, for I shall recommend that you gather around enough friends and have the murder party yourself.

The dinner was great, everyone was in character when we got there. Alex played a very good mad fanatic gestapo agent and everyone put on their best French accent, possibly better than my own genuine French accent!!! dinner started at 7.30 and the night finished at 1.30 am! It was so much fun, it can't hardly be described.

I was a great night, excellent fun and now we can't wait to have a place big enough to have an oriental murder mystery night of our own.... to be continued....

The Comtess Bogov, Nicole, Cherie and Edith Le Granbutte (Mother)

Hughes Le Granbutte (my Father), Monsieur Oily Carte, Pierre Payanski (My boyfriend), Otto von Pinkelwurst and Kirk Ransom III (The lover of both my mother and ingrid Pith).

(We were so much in character, that I failed to remember their real names....)


tweetey30 said...

Its like playing the game Clue but for real life as a game. Sounds so much fun. Glad to hear you had fun. Miss you but I understand you here are busy.

tshsmom said...

How fun!!
I've always wanted to do that, but we don't have enough imaginative friends to pull it off. :(

The Zombieslayer said...

I've never done one of those murder mysteries, but sounds fun, especially if there's food and wine involved.

I did love that movie, which I've seen several times, including once in film class where after class, I talked to the teacher and asked him if the movie Barbed Wire was based off of it. He said he heard elsewhere it was. Yeah, I know Barbed Wire was bad and Casablanca was one of the best movies ever made, but I just think the concept was neat.

Cool pics! Looks like you all had a blast.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Ooooohhhh!!!! I so want to attend a murder mystery evening!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

We received a game like this for Chrstmas....but we have not had time to plan it.

Reading about this makes me want to do it sooner, rather than later!

Looks like a good time was had by all!

La Cremiere said...

Tshsmom, I know I can't wait to throw my own party but one couple of friends will have to be excluded due to lack of imagination

Zombie, I had no idea there was a film involved, but yeah lots of wine and a menu fit for the occasion, I love Casablanca and never heard of Barbed Wire, might be worth a try

Diva and Queen, I cannot recommend this enough, It was so much fun, a bit scary how people took the role so seriously...

Scarlett said...

This sounds like something I would absolutely enjoy!

LaraTomlinson said...

i am doing this murdr myster tonight with my family and i will be playing Nicole Le Garandebutte too!
im sooooo excited heee :)

Hamiltontankgirl said...

Hi Helene!!

I was trying to google The Brie, The Bullet & The Black Cat as I've lost Clue #5 in my box set. I was about to do a dinner party when I pulled out the box and realized Clue #5 was missing!!

I'm curious if you would happen to be able to email me a copy of Clue #5 if you still have this game??

I'm in Canada, so I'm sure other options to get a copy to me might be difficult.

If you can help, please contact me at the following:



jonquil99 said...

Hi, it looks like a great night was had by all. I also have a similar problem in that I am missing a clue, number 4 in fact. Is there anyway you could let me know what the clue is. I've tried googling it but i'm coming up a blank. Thanks

Nuno Cruz said...

I have that game but i've lost Edith le Grandbutte role.
Can anyone help me sending a copy by email :(

Nuno Cruz

nzpowderhound said...

Hi there, I have a favour to ask. We did this on new years eve and it was great but now have a problem! We didnt finish it... infact I think we only got about a 1/3 through . We now want to do it again but are missing clue#1 It would seem our Kirk Ramson got into the whiskey swigging role he lost the clue. Can anyone email me the clue. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Playing this weekend (7 days time)

ozzyfamily said...

Hi have clue#1 if you have clue#5. Need to work out how to email.

nzpowderhound said...

Hi ozzy family. My email is .you email me clue 1 and I'll reply to your email with clue 5. Quick!!!!! We are playing tonight....6 hrs time. Thanks

Sebastian Lingwood said...


I've got the same problem as nzpowderhound. My parents used the Murder Mystery game at New Year and have kept everything apart from Blue No. 1, somehow it has become lost. I would really appreciate it if nzpowderhound or ozzyfamily could email it across to me.

My email is


Anonymous said...

Hi i know that this is highly unlikely but i have lost my clue 5 to the brie the bullet and the black cat. I have seen that some people also have the same problem as me! if anyone could email be back with clue number 5 that would be amazing -

SH said...

Just wondering if anyone still has Clue no 1 available to share as missing from my box.

ernest37 said...

Hi - I've got all clues and people profiles but no Tape/CD so don't know who did it and why .... anyone fancy swapsies ?

Liz Gowland-Camilleri said...


Is there anyone that can he;p me, I have lost my party planner.
I have the full box with everything in new, I can send anything to anyone, but I am missing the vital party planner.
Is there anyone that can help me at all. Huge Thanks you Liz

Christine Henriksen said...

Hi I'm having this party fo my 60th in December. I have to give one woman a male character, I'm thinking Pierre Payanski. Do you think this character is the best one for a woman to play? Maybe change to female Pietra?