Friday, September 29, 2006

delayed update

Hey ya all!
I have not been keeping you updated in a while. Got busy with work as we had our sales meeting. It was really cool seeing friends and colleagues from South Africa and Denmark. However the party was not as grand as the first time. I reckon it is because we did not leave the country this time, so it does not feel like I was in a different planet at a different time. The only good thing about the three days is a conversation with Ron about 'intend' whether you do/say something with 'intend' or not and what motivates someone. (we were talking about harmless flirting, upon which Ron disagreed that it is not harmless if there is intend, which is very true). As you can see I have fascinating conversations with my boss. I also had a good chat with Mike about Ron... lol... Mike and Ron are best friends and have been in the company for 20 years. He told me to be cautious about a few things which is always good to remember. I am way too trusting in general and I have way to much faith in people. I refuse to believe that anyone would 'intend' to hurt, may it be spite, harsh words, lies, kill, harrass, bully, gossips, selfishness, malice, etc. It makes me quite vulnerable to harm.

Then this week I was visiting clients with Martin. I love meeting the clients, they're great people, I get along so easily with them. I was a bit bashful when Martin told me a client requested that I always be around when he visits. Martin is even thinking of giving me the account, which would be cool but that's besides my job. Oh well, I've got a career in progress.

So I had two good weeks, very productive with work and my back feels a lot better, I only feel the pain in my butt if I try to run. And it's getting cold here, it feels colder in my home than outside, I will resist the urge to switch on the heater at night until end of October.


Kitem said...

Ben... et les photos?

sushi-junkie said...

hm.. it's also not easy for me to realize that there are people out there who are really seriously contemplating on hurting others.. but unfortunately, they're everywhere around us.. :(
but hey.. u can also see it as having good faith in humanity ;) so it's not a bad thing, i think :) just be a little bit more careful :)