Thursday, September 14, 2006



We are off to Rotterdam to spend a long weekend with Neill and Chantal. It has become like a summer destination, but henceforth, we agreed we would meet up in a foreign place to discover it together. Chosen destination include Lisbonne, Barcelona, a skiing trip in the Alpes and Prague. The four-day break was supposed to include cycling and snow boarding. Unfortunately, it stopped on Sunday when I had a cycling accident while avoiding a car coming fast around a blind corner (and by the way, it was a cyclist road), I avoided the car, but fell hard on my back Alex cycling through the streets of Rotterdamand bum a luckily had time to throw my backpack under my head to prevent it from hitting the ground hard too. I was scared I broke my coccyx again from the pain. Alex said I looked so contorted that he thought I was broken all over, fortunately nothing's broken, just bruised and still very painful 5 days later, especially when I need to sit down, lie down, bend down and all of the above back 'up'. On Monday we went to Amsterdam anyway and had fun watching the girls on display in the red light district. The weather was lovely too.

Peggy Sue and The Pirates, Kate and Rose are very talented singers and had very original tracks, just one guitar and two great voicesOn Saturday night, we cycled to a club in central Rotterdam, to watch some indie unknown English artists perform. The first band was pussy rock (To Hammer: by pussy rock, I mean dull, not exactly rocking my world), they were followed by two girls, one guitar and funny lyrics. I think they have great potential, they certainly were entertaining. They are playing in London in November, I will ask Sarah, Orla and Alison if they want to watch them.

Chantal and me
Overall, we had a good time, if it had not been for the fall. I might see a doctor next week if my back does not get better, although surely it takes time to recover. Mostly, it was great seeing Neill and Chantal again, I can't wait for them to visit us over here.


Hammer said...

Glad you weren't seriously hurt.
In my neck of the woods, bicycling
as a means of transportation is akin to attempting suicide.

Thanks for the music explanation.

Pretty much everything on the radio and TV nowadays is "pussy rock" to my ears. I would appreciate some suggestions of "rocking" music if you get a chance.

sushi-junkie said...

lol..i was wondering about the term pussy rock.. thx for clearing that up :D

u went to rotterdam? did u visit utrecht? (my second hometown).. unfortunately, there's really nothing exciting there but a bunch of old buildings and churches (and my beloved university of course).. :D

you make me miss holland again :P

i'm glad u're having fun tho :D