Wednesday, December 08, 2010

18 months later

June 2009 was my last entry, time just flew by.
Spent the Summer of 2009 in France. Alex and I took a road trip from Oleron Island to the summer house in Ardeche via Carcassonne.

I went back to work late September but took a 3-week Christmas holiday back to Kuala Lumpur to introduce Gabrielle to friends and spend Christmas with the whole family.
The holiday was followed by Gabrielle's first birthday and the hunt for a home.
By July 22nd we had moved in our beautiful home and we're hoping to unpack the last boxes and install the last light fittings over this coming Christmas break. Now I'm ready to resume blogging

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by Kitem said...

SUPER HOW GREAT!!!!!!!! I'm sooo happy to see you back. Welcome back, Looking forward reading your blog again.
Love and hugs.