Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to whoever stumbles upon this page
I love that clock that Alex brought home- I thought it was pretty cool this morning when I got up to see Dec 25th in large font across the corridor from my bedroom to the dining room.
That was actually yesterday, at Alex' office Christmas party, Byelle was happy to have her face painted and sat still for the artist to work, she wanted more so she had both her hands painted as well.
The show with Jojo the Elf and his magic tricks. Gabrielle participated passing around the lego bricks and the parcels for Santa's sleigh. Santa gave Byelle a hand puppet Fox, which she affectionately calls fok.
Opening the presents - crayons from Gemma, legos and scooter from mommy and daddy and the keyboard!!!
The masterpiece, an electronic keyboard from Memie and Pepi - well the actual best present from Mommy and Daddy was the 'Scoota' but weather does not allow the use for it yet.
Daddy spent as much time on my new toy as I did. He will be able to teach me soon enough :)


tshsmom said...

Welcome back, missed you!
Maybe I'll post something one of these days.

by Kitem said...

Beautiful Christmas day, so happy Gabrielle enjoys the new toys, and that they please Daddy as well.