Monday, December 27, 2010

A mountain of dust

It should have been a Merry Christmas, like every other Christmasses but it was a cold and tired and soul-less christmas for us this year.

2010 should have been a fabulous year, our little girl is more fun and gorgeous by the day, we still have secured jobs in this current economic climate, we acquired a beautiful home in a dream location. We should be so lucky.

Instead, we lost touch, we rely on each other for strength but don't consult each other or talk and forgot to have any fun at all. Too engrossed in trying to find fulfilment in difficult and demanding jobs, getting by day by day with as little as 4 hours broken sleep because our darling daughter is still not sleeping through, moving and decorating our home and counting the pennies in our bank account as we've ruined ourselves on the latter.

Eventually, the rock I am expected to be, started to crumple inside out and it all collapsed. Our great castle of cards needs rebuilding --- starting with getting some frekking sleep!

We're not in the New Year yet, but making amends need to start now, tomorrow might be too late:
  • Get some proper hobbies and interests - facebook chat and TV just won't cut it. I want to learn to dive, Alex wants to learn to snowboard - expensive oh yeah - but our entire 20's we spent them living very frugal lives and saving every penny so we could afford a home and a family - now it's time to invest in some fun. Plus Byelle will benefit from it as she turns 3 (for skiing) or 8 (for diving)
  • Learn a new skill - or two or three - cooking for Alex, he has to spend time in the kitchen with me - that will contribute to the 'us' time we've left behind and Alex will teach me the piano on Gabrielle's little keyboard, heck that's not a real instrument but if I learn 'Ah vous dirai-je maman' and 'jingle bells' I'll be happy - and either pick up on my Spanish - I'm so close to speaking that language, I can't believe I'm not fluent yet! Failing that, I'm quite curious about Japanese - I know it's random
  • Get a good routine to include some 'us' time compulsory - no excuses; e.g. Monday - read, Tuesday- knit, Wednesday - update/catch up on the blogsphere, Thursday - shoot some post-apocaliptic mutants, Friday 'us' time ;) , Saturday - have friends over for dinner; Sunday - shopping in town or something intellectual in London
There - that's me and us sorted for 2011 - Bring it on!


Tifenn said...

wow! de retour! chouette! :-)

by Kitem said...

Bah dis donc vous n'y allez pas par quatre chemins!
quand vous decidez quelque chose, il y a des resultats derriere, bravo!
des crises il y en a, partout, tout le temps, les couples qui reussissent sont ceux qui savent les regarder en face et prendre les decisions qui s'imposent.
En tout ca, j'espere que le prochain Noel sera un peu plus Merry pour tous.

tweetey30 said...

Hey I have missed you my friend. Merry x-mas and a happy new year.. Yes things tend to get dusty as they sit dont they if they are fixed or talked about.. Jeff and I have the same problem from time to time and then it explodes.. There goes the dust bunnies from under the They are all over the I am not talking about that in bed... Just saying those are the best to blow up when you fight..

La Cremiere said...

Thanks Tweetey, you are absolutely right, if you do nothing cobwebs and dusts will settle down :( we need reminders to do an emotional/marriage spring clean every so often.

Maman, ba, je ne sais pas faire autrement :) c'est quoi l'expression, aux grands maux, les grands moyens?

The Zombieslayer said...

Sounds like you need more sleep and some stress relief. I'd strongly suggest walking together. Sounds overly simplistic but it does wonders.

Plus, sleep is like a bank. If you take some out, you have to put some back in. Or else.

Hobbies are good. We've been getting into Euro board gaming, which is a lot of fun. Carcassonne is the latest I bought and we love it so far.

Libellule said...

I think your're bilan in a good one: making a list of attainable goals is the best start. I always find that maintaining balance across physical, intellectual, sensual/sexual, emotional/spiritual aspects in your life is key to keeping stress where it should be: outside of your personal life:)

Enjoy where you are at (no matter how dim it may seem) and look towards where you want to be ... keep your heart and mind in tune with each other ... and to thine self be true!

I wish you peace and strength! libellule

La Cremiere said...

Thanks Slayer - yeah we used to play Scrabble and Monopoly when I was pregnant - so I guess I can take these out again - plus Carcassonne looks good.

Thanks Libellule - will need strength and a clear mind and heart but it looks promising though it still requires work.