Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowed in

The tree outside my window, the children playing in the streets, the laughter, the snow storm has ended and it's just magical.
An eager little girl looking out the window.
Much to our disappointment, Gabrielle did not like the sleigh or the snow and refused to wear her gloves or hat - what a surprise.
Another day, more snow, I have to say that I am not accustomed to this much snow. This is the most snow I've seen at this altitude! Of course, they say London comes to a stand-still when it snows, which is not entirely true, both main roads at either end of my street are clear and busses circulate, but it is true if you drive a BMW because I can't drive it out of the street without threatening to skid into all the cars parked on either side of the street!
But it is lovely, it was lovely yesterday morning to watch foxes play in the backgarden, or lovely to walk along the white and icy Thames path.

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by Kitem said...

Magnifique la neige.
Je suis contente de retrouver ton blog et sa nouvelle adresse!
Nous sommes le 27 decembre et la vie est plutot rocailleuse en ce moment...