Saturday, February 17, 2007

Catching up with family & friends

I only managed to see my nephews again on the Tuesday evening but just for a short while, I could hardly believe that they were watching Akira on video, I watched that show when I was 16 only - they like violence, Nicolas' favorite film is Alien Vs Predator.
That night, we had the family reunion at Alex' parents, Cheryl was back for just one night, so we celebrated the Chinese New Year with her.
(From left to right, Auntie, Uncle, me, Alex, Cheryl, Adrian and Rachel)
Later Alex drove me to Joe's house, so that I could finally meet Chloe (who sleeps at 11.30pm only) and catch up with Olivia. I had brought a lovely little blue dress for Chloe, which she will wear for the Chinese New Year (it's important to wear new clothes on New Year's day). Olivia has lost all her pregnancy weight and is back on her high flying career. She and Joe live at Joe's parents on week days to help with Chloe. The 6 months old baby is already quite big for her age and is developing a pleasant personality.
On Wednesday, I met with Anna in the morning and we went shopping for most of the morning until we got a phone call from Nicolas school saying that no one has picked up Nicolas yet! lol - no one panicked. What happened is that usually Anna's parents pick him up, but that day my parents were driving back from Penang and Anna told her parents that they would pick him up 'from their house', and her parents understood 'from the school'. The little one did not forgive any of us, going on for the rest of the afternoon how 'no one fetch me at school'.

(Nicolas playing musketeers 'mousquetaires' with his memie)


Kitem said...

I like the photo with Alex family, it's a lovely family.

tweetey29 said...

Nice and sweet. Hope you had a wonderful time with everyone. Like you said its a nice window into your family. Thanks for sharing. Tweets.

SME said...

Heehee, I love the swordfight. Who won?