Wednesday, February 28, 2007


A lizzard, its tail is up, that means war, I was invading his space, so it was trying to scare me away. I felt a but guilty startling the lovely creature.

The catch of the day, a baby monitor lizzard. Big ones can eat small dogs in one bite.
I was really excited to spot that cute little one.

A bit scarier is the eel, there were hundreds tucked along rocks

A stranded jellyfish, about 60cm wide. I did not go into the sea the next day. I'm a bit scared of jellyfish since I got stung very badly all over my body (legs, forearms, hands, waist and hips) many years in Penang, I was scared for a month and did not sleep for three days the pain was so unbearable.

There were dozen of Eagles roaming above the hills, I am pleased that one picture turned out decently.
And finally, the Hornbill. This bird is specific to Pangkor Island, they are quite large birds and make a lovely sound.


Jeannie said...

Nice pictures. I don't think I'd like eels. lizards are ok. I do like the beach and swimming but I haven't been stung. My daughter was stung by something nasty - she got a shot right away and was ok the next day.

tweetey29 said...

I would hate to be stung by anything like that. I dont like bees so this is even worse because when in the water you cant see them I bet. I have a pix of the jelly fish or something like that from the Milwaukee Zoo we went to in December after X-mas. That was a fun family outing for us. Well again it looks like you had a wonderful time and hope you enjoyed yourself. Take care Tweets.

Marianne said...

These are awesome pictures! What a great trip!

I especially liked seeing the Hornbill and the eel. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

The more pictures I see of your trip the more jealous I get, LOL.

It sure looks like you had a grand time!