Saturday, February 03, 2007

Alex is 33!

It is my dear husband's birthday today.
We were planning on going to the Italian restaurant up the road tonight with our friends Dan, Julie, Jamie, Seema, Nadine and Jacob, when Jamie and Seema could not find a baby sitter for little Jaya. So I braced myself for what was coming and cancelled the restaurant to have dinner at home instead.

Why brace myself? because I do not have a dinning room, or a dinning table, or 8 chairs. I've got a sofa that can seat 3, a papasan chair that seats 1 and a cushions throw that seats 2, hmmm... that's gonna be interesting.

I decided to prepare some amuse-bouche for starters, as it does not require a plate on knees. Here is my menu:
Blinis of Guacamole and fresh water Prawns
Mushroom Risotto with Trout filets cooked in Papillote
Tray of cheese with fresh baguette (of course!)
Fresh Fruit salad

I've bought enough fish to feed 12, and Nadine is on a strict diet before her wedding, so she told me not to cook for her. That's gonna make huge portions. I'll let you know how the dinner went tomorrow. For now, I'd better start cleaning up and tidying up and finding 8 matching wine glasses and two more large cushions, and get my arse into that kitchen.


tweetey29 said...

Never had that problem before because we dont usually go out. I am sorry to say we are the most boring couple you could ever meet. We dont drink acohol and we dont smoke. We dont leave our children with babysitters. We have had to many bad experiences with them so we quit with them and we take them everywhere with us now. I know what you all are going to say dont you have a quiet dinner together once in a while. NOPE. Never. Always with the kids. I love being with them because in a few years they arent going to want to be with us, They will want to be with there friends. So I am in no hurry. Well hope all went well with the dinner. Take care Tweets.

Jeannie said...

Wow! You are so brave to change your plans at the last minute and come up with what sounds like a delicious menu on the spot. I'll bet it went wonderfully because good friends make for good times whether or not you have all the furniture you would like.

Kitem said...

Hey, j'etais persuadee qu'Alex etait deja arrive a KL!!!
Qu'est ce qu'il a eu comme cadeauX?
Je demande pas pour le diner, pcq je suis sure que c'etait parfait.