Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Toy Mememe

I have never stopped playing. It runs in the family, my dad still plays games, my brother still does, I still do. Games and hardwork is pretty much the only thing I have in common with my dad.

Mon poupon: Guillaume (William in English)
(poupon in French is a boy doll, a girl doll is poupee)

I've had Guillaume for as long as I remember, there always was Guillaume, it would be worth taking a picture of the actual doll, which my mom keeps preciously. It looked so much like a real doll that one day when she was walking me to school, dragging me with one hand and holding Guillaume by the foot in the other, one lady chased her and scolded her for holding her baby all wrong - (yeah she was a sharp one). Now Guillaume has a deformed body and its eyes have been poked into its head, but I still love it.

Building blocks: Lego
I had lots of barbies, which I maried to my brother's GI Joes, but I mostly played with my brother, so lego was the toy of choice, we had all sorts of legos, we spent hours building space ports and futuristic cities, and space ships to destroy the cities with. At Christmas, I spent the better part of my time, playing legos with Jacques.

My Bike
I learnt to ride my tricyle going round and round the tree on the terrace when I was three. I had a proper bike when I was seven, it was pink, I loved it. It was a present from my late uncle Philip (my cousin Nicolas' dad). I fell and scraped my knees more than once. We were in Britanny back then and living on top of a hill with the sea side at the bottom of the slope and we would let go of the pedals and breaks and free fall downhill and more often than not pile up on top of one another at the bottom of the hill. In India, our bikes were the most fun toy we had, it was a very flat dirt roads, I remember one particular bad fall where my bike took off over a rock on the road and I went flying off, a bit like in E.T. with a bad landing.

Dungeon & Dragons and other RPG
Role playing games were a huge part of our teens. We started playing in India, with "Dark Eye" and followed with Dungeon and Dragons when we were back in Britanny. We had a real good team of players and we'd spend one entire weekend every month from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening playing non-stop. Julien loved being the Dungeon master. It really developed my over-active imagination as you imagine walking through dungeons and fighting trolls and whatever other crap Julien could think of putting us through.
Alex occasionally teases me saying that D&D is for nerds, but we were the cool kids at school who had sleepovers and stayed up all night to play. It was the best years of my childhood.

Playstation II
Then came the years where playing was for kids and socialising and partying and clubbing was the thing to do. Until a couple of years back when I started working, too tired to go out after work, too stressed and too not bothered with anything. There I invested in a PS2, which unsocially changed my life... Fall Out Brotherhood of Steel, Dungeon& Dragons (yeah, again), Final Fantasy, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2 and now awaiting impatiently FF XII, which is out in the US, but only released in the UK February 26, 2007.

Who to tag... A garden in France (aka Mom), Judith, Dan, Galactically Stupid... Steven Novak(when you run out of things to joke about)and whoever has not done it yet? Do it!


Marianne said...

My nerdy gamer boy-friend, who I love with all of my heart, played FF XII when I met him. He leveled out and got bored. Now he plays World of Warcraft. He has my 10 year old playing it now. She comes home and asks if she can play WOW. She is on level 11 and had her first inappropriate instant messaging conversation. I have so much to thank him for......

I guess I am just amazed that you guys don't have FF XII yet!!! Oh my gosh!!!

Kitem said...

Ah comme je suis contente de voir Guillaume sur ton blog!

Le telephone chez Juju ne marche pas, tu peux appeler Mamie et M-O
pour moi stp?

Et la play station, quelle nuisance!!! love you quand meme

Kitem said...

Hey! qu'est ce que c'est cetteistoire de tag??