Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dinner at the Mayflower

Last night, Alex and I met up with his ex-colleague from Chooi & Co and friend Seow Ling and her German husband Neill. The two of them arrived in London a few months after we settled in and we were meeting for the first time.

Seow Ling is a lovely Penang girl, Cantonese Chinese, my mother in law explained to me once that it was easy to recognise Cantonese girls because their face is like a full moon, round, small features, pale skin. She is so petite yet has a grand personality inside that little body. Alex said she bullied her husband and I thought he was teasing her, but when Neill arrived late...

SL: Why are you so late? Choose what you want to eat.
N: Hi. I'm sorry baby. I have not looked at the menu yet.
SL: It's ok. I choose for you - taking the menu away from his hands.

That made me laugh so hard, she does bully her husband! This pair met doing due diligence in KL in the data room of a client of Alex back then, so Alex could picture the scene very well. The honkie waiters were rude but the dinner was great , we had:

Crab in black bean and chilly sauce
Roasted Duck
Some green leafy vegetable I can't recall the name
Fried squid

They are a lovely couple and she is good fun. It is the second mix couple Malaysian/European we meet, I'll invite them over with Natascha and Grant when I come back from Malaysia.


Kitem said...

Lol, tu es amusante, je vois aussi que tu as plein de nouveaux amis sur ton blog, c'est sympa.

tweetey29 said...

I have never done that to my husband will never but you make it sound so right for this couple. Some people are just that way and it works for them. Hope you had lots of fun. Your work or what ever you do sounds so intriguing. I hope I spelled that right.