Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Year

It is the 13th of January and I am recalling New Year's eve. Actually it is because I like to think of that blog as a personal diary of all the nice things or not so nice that make life exciting and special or a lesson.

On New Year's eve, we were flying back from France, and had dinner plans at Dan and Julie's. However, in the morning, Alex received a call from his little sister Cheryl, who just completed her air hostess course and was flying to London that very evening!!! We were so excited, I called Julie to set one more dinner plate for Cheryl and we hurried back home to drop of the suitcases and pick up the car, to fetch Cheryl. It was such a wonderful way to start the New Year. Cheryl is a very sweet girl and she has grown so beautiful. What makes me the happiest is that since she left home she has grown very close to Alex and being very close to my brother I think it is very important for sibblings to love each other.
We made it to Dan and Julie's a t 11 PM. The party was well under way, and we were well on time to celebrate the New Year. It was a very civilised dinner party, at that suits me well, no drinking beside the Champagne and plenty of cheers and laughter.

New Year's day was lovely too, a beautiful weather and so the three of us walked for lunch to our favorite Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum and Chee Cheong Fun and a bit of shopping. A good start to 2007.

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